Getting some clit love with The Womanizer

womanizer opener

What it is

Well I suppose what it is the first toy of its kind. It’s a non-penetrative clitoral stimulator that barely touches your clit. Confused? So was I until I tried it.

womanizer body

How it works

The device looks very much like a bulky, but very stylish, ear thermometer. But instead of a hard plastic poker, it has a soft silicone nozzle with a wide mouth. Wide enough only for the external bean of the clit.

This nozzle is placed over your clit, and when you push the little on button, you’re presented with a deep, low vibe and … wait for it … suction.

since i can't personally show you ... LOOK HOW AMAZING (i think i may have used !!!AMAZING!!! a million times in the video)

since i can’t personally show you … LOOK HOW AMAZING (i think i may have used !!!AMAZING!!! a million times in the video)

Yup. Your magic maker is getting sucked. With added gentle vibes. Baby cupid, take the wheel I’m flying to heaven.

There are two buttons – an on/off button and large, and a sparkly vibe intensity button. You click through this five times to go from a low, slow rumble to high buzz.

womanizer full

How you use it

This toy is primarily a solo play toy. Its strongest feature is its subtlety, which works only with its direct position over the clit.

This requires a lot of stillness, so you can’t move the toy around a lot or introduce huge amounts of friction from other penetrative objects like fingers, toys or penises. At most a slight pulling away every now and then seems to heighten the sense of suction, which is great.

You can also apply light pressure anywhere else on your vulva or gently around the rim of your vagina. Because it’s so easy to operate with one hand, your other hand is free to do what needs to be done.

If your partner is happy to take pleasure in helping you ride this slow, but ultimately super, wave ask them to apply their mouth and tongue to any part of your body while you’re busy.

womanizer the package

What I liked about it

I absolutely love how delightfully calm this toy is. I know that’s not what they’re going for with the whole ‘gone in 60 seconds’ thing, but although its sensory presence on your clit absolutely increases your ‘getting off pretty quickly’ situation, it’s really about the way it’s doing so.

There’s nothing hard or overstimulating about this toy; the gentle oscillations penetrate deep into your clitoral area and the gentle suction provides all work towards a slow, focused sensual peak.

You’re not just frantically rubbing one out; you’re kinda meditating on very specific pleasure spots.

Also, and this is a biggie: you can quickly reset to lower speed after you’ve come. If you’re like me, after you’ve had an orgasm you need the intensity to stop, but the sensation to carry on. Because the Womanizer’s on/off button also acts as a reset, you can simply push it once to get back to the initial low growl that works you gentle down from your peak – but could just as easily lead you to another.

since i can't personally show you ... LOOK HOW AMAZING (i think i may have used !!!AMAZING!!! a million times in the video)

just in case you forgot….

What I didn’t like

I found the lack of mobility a bit tricky to deal with, especially when I needed more – more pressure, more friction, more vibe.

But I don’t think this ultimately played out negatively. The very nature of its subtlety means you walk that highly yummy edge of almost begging for more, which is what sends you over the edge.

This really has nothing to do with the functionality of the toy, but I didn’t understand its marketing. I don’t know why they punt the orgasm under 60 seconds thing. I think it might mislead consumers into thinking that this is just something you slot over your clit to produce an orgasm much like pepper in the nose will produce a sneeze. And it’s so much more than that.

Also, I can’t fathom why it’s called the Womanizer, a patently sexist and borderline misogynistic word.

The basics

This should really go under ‘What I liked about it’. Super well designed (it’s neat, functional and stylish) and USB charged, this nifty little toy is probably one of the most perfectly packaged. Cleaning is also a breeze: You simply pop off the nozzle and wash it with soap and warm water. You can use a water-based lube with it, it’s not waterproof so don’t go crazy.

womanizer extras

Is it the toy for you?

If you want to explore the responsiveness of your clit and your capacity to stimulate yourself gently and sensually, then yes. I reckon this is a pretty good first time toy. In fact, it could make a good first time toy for players and their partners who don’t fully understand how to stimulate the clit and touch with sensuality and subtlety. If you like rough rides and lots of penetration, this is not a toy for you.

This little honey doesn’t come cheap. But it’s quality, one-of-a-kind-ness and clit-love will last you and provide good cost per use.

Get this lovely toy from…

A NSFW hello to Monday :: DirtyBerd

dirtyberd hdr

i found myself really liking this site. it’s kinda eclectic, with a lot of conversations and explanations and great pics and and and … mostly i really enjoyed the easy inclusiveness of all kinds of sex play. and the tweet grabs are a nice personal inclusion of thoughts that are worth thinking about wrt to sex and relationships.

also, he signs off with ‘db’, so it felt a bit hey yo there’s another db in the hooooouuuussseee!!!

giphybut you didn’t come here for oprah did you? no. you came here for the little taster of the dirtyberd’s tumblr and delicious links. well let’s not fuck around then shall we…

or shall we?

you’ll have noticed some sex toys and explanations and stuff. well that’s one particular thing i dig about this guy is all the educational stuff around anal play, especially. it made me curious about his bio and this is what he says:

about dirtyberdit’s more interesting than it is PHWOAR i guess, but it’s the great balance that kept me glued for quite a while. there’s a stack more on his site DirtyBerd.tumblr [Clickety click lovely plums]

Some other linklove to featured NSFW tumblrs that have tickled me…