A NSFW hello to Monday :: Masturbation month

(These were so yummy I couldn’t wait ’til May to repost…)

may is officially international masturbation month, so i thought i’d post pics dedicated to this most noble and timeless displays of self love.

well. it took me (almost) all day to find a collection of masturbation pics i liked … now i think i have resources for one post a week :)

so there. that’s the first dedicated wank post of the week. there will be three or four more.

happy wanking!

Postsecret pic of the week :: Embarrassing floaters


cos we’ve all been there right? right? no. neither have i ha ha ha


seriously though. i totally understand. i’ve had to poop in a … you know what? nevermind. imma just leave this floater alone.

#Quickpoll: Through no fault of my own, my body has forced me to poop in a place other than an ablution facility…

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