A NSFW hello to Monday :: Shibari

repost with added goodies at the end…

I once happened upon an ‘intro to BDSM’ meet where this dude was tying a perfectly pleasant looking lady up with rope, in what seemed to me to be a very unnecessarily finnicky fashion. (bless, had i but known where life would take me…)

what i was watching was the downscaled PC version (fully clothed) of shibari, an ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage. then the other day a plum sent me a link to a site featuring pretty cool shibari photography from david lawrence which i think you may like. checkit…

go to david’s site to see more photos from his books, BOUND and reBOUND, here [clickety click] and find out what shibari actually is here [clickety click and in god we trust etc etc].

so. fast forward three years…

and i’m at my first proper fet party and a lovely man named james (a very respected artist in the community) does a little number on me. a few months later he did a much more complex tie without a corset (getting roped with a corset defeats the point really), but i was so zonked afterwards that i didn’t think of photos. i also learnt an important lesson that night: i can’t do two plays at one party.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 10.45.29 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 10.45.51 AM

deeleeshus. here’s my instagram account if you like (it’s not all saxy though, so wankers might be disappointed).

have a lovely day my pretty plums.
kizzez always,

Postsecret pic of the week :: This helped more than therapy


my brain automatically inserted ‘walking’ as the first word. walking along the sea point prom has been the birthplace, the creation space, the scene in which countless thinky thoughts have started to conjure reality into existence. by myself i have envisioned futures, columns, new ways of being; with friends i have laughed, cried and shouted about life, lovers and stupid bosses.

together or alone, i, we, us have used the prom to walk our way through illness, death, heartbreaks and depression. together or alone, i, we, us have talked and walked our way through a winding story of hopes and dreams, loves and aspirations.

when i came back to south africa, i went for one of my first walks on the prom. at one point i stopped to look out over the ocean. in the vast out there and in the eye of a storm that had begun to consume me, i felt like god had placed its thumb on my forehead and said ‘you are here, and it is good’.

i suppose walking is how my recovery process began.

today, after another walk on the prom filled with talking and then this postcard, i thought a small ‘ode to walking and talking on sea point prom’ was in order. moreover, tonight’s little wander reminded me of a quote i wrote in my working diary earlier this year: ‘you will arrive at a place where you can learn, not from pain, but from joy and love.’


sleep well my lovely plum faces. dream well.