A NSFW hello to Monday :: Do i make you horny

today’s choice is really quite tame actually. mostly suggestion more than anything else, nothing too hardcore. but i liked it. it suited my mood. and i liked naming the pics. the gifs are pretty cool also, and although i like the one i’ve used as a header, now that i see it bigger i can’t help thinking his hands are far to gentle on her arse there. some grip would work.

anyway. without further ado…

hopefully from next week i’ll get my timing right again so that the NSFW hello to Monday, goes out on a MONDAY. and preferably the morning.

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A revelation in the light of day
You can’t choose what stays and what fades away

happy happy my sweet little plums

dot, out

Postsecret pic of the Week :: Anorexia kills


one day, many years from now, we’ll look back at this era and wonder how and why we became so obsessed with our bodies…


social philosophers and anthropologists, psychologists and researchers will marvel, debate and cast theories on the time humans starved themselves, upheld the image of extreme poverty as an icon of the ultimate beauty …


when, in a time of ultimate abundance for the west, skeletons walked down catwalks and graced magazines as perfection…


they will wonder if our collective consciousness became so self-destructive, so impoverished, small and frail that we could only mindlessly express this pain by whittling away our physical selves while obsessing over every aspect of food…


and then they will wonder how we all stood by and watched it happen as if it was something to be applauded. they’ll wonder how this dis-ease of mind was allowed to continue for so long…

10-seesomethingsaysomethingand what will we say?

it was fashionable?

If you have an eating disorder – whatever form your relationship with food and your body takes, unhealthy, compulsive or abusive – please contact the good people at sadag for help. don’t hurt yourself anymore.