A NSFW hello to Monday :: La Brujita

la brujita 0

i’ve included this rather sedate – albeit very sexy – still image of a lady at a table as a slow intro to the next few, very phwoar, gifs.

la brujita 1la brujita 2

her collection is largely gif-based and focused on penetration yumminess between men and women, primarily.

la brujita 9 la brujita 11la brujita 10

which suits me just fine round about now. (i’m just adding words to pretend to be working blah blah blah blah yadda yadda etc etc etc hee hee hee)

la brujita 5la brujita 6la brujita 7

and some more, because why not…

la brujita 3 la brujita 4

ok this is the last one now…

la brujita is spanish for ‘the witch’ and her collection of vair saxy saxiness will mesmerise you for sure.  la brujita 12la brujita 13la brujita 14

Visit LaBrujita.tumblr for more. #yesplease

Postsecret pic of the week :: I drowned a kitten


oh my word my heart goes out to this person and the little 11-year-old that did this. it’s difficult enough, as an adult, to sometimes identify terrible feelings and deal with them consciously. to feel so terrible, so utterly engulfed by rage and pain, confusion and helplessness, is a living hell.

being a kid is intense. a new human with no experience – or the kind of experience that engenders compassion – no concept of time or futures feeling better, no agency or self-determination… some people never grow out of this.

instead of drowning kittens, they hurt themselves or those around them.

maybe shame has a place in our lives, like little alarm bells warning that help is needed

dear postcard sender inner. you’re unlikely to read this, but if you were my friend i’d tell you you were forgiven and to forgive your young, angry, sad self for acting out the only way that made sense. because it did make sense at the time. if we cannot kill ourselves, if we cannot control or kill our rage and the people who caused it, then we do something else with that pain.

some people kill themselves slowly with drugs or food or cutting. others disengage from life and go to sleep or get lost in fantasy lives. others become abusers, violent and lost.

maybe shame has a place in our lives, like little alarm bells warning that help is needed. i hope you got help for your 11 year old self; i hope your adult self doesn’t use this as endless self-torture.

i am reminded of a little quote i read on the back of one of those sugar packets: “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” – Dalai Lama

the thing is, i remembered the quote like this: If you want to be happy, practice compassion for others. If you want to be truly happy, practice compassion for yourself.

i like you big d, but i think my version of that compassion quote works better.

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