A NSFW hello to monday :: i love car sex

I learnt how to have sex in cars when I was still living with my parents. My bf at the time lived in Hout Bay and I in Bellville and I didn’t have a car. So he’d trek the million miles to fetch me and we’d hang out his parents’ place for the weekend. They were away much more often than my parents, but when they weren’t we’d manage to do just about everything in the car. Those twelve apostles have seen more than i’d care to remember.

the hills have eyes. you know those cars you drive past at night that are parked off in those little gravel lookout points? that.

the hills have eyes. you know those cars you drive past at night that are parked off in those little gravel lookout points? that.

It really shouldn’t surprise me my love for car sex. I love my car for everything. it’s like a my mini home. I sleep in it  (i’m not impartial to little car snooze to regain my strength before climbing the two flights to my bed after a late night), eat in it, drive away the sads with loud-music and dramatic-scenery road trips, drive into the happy with loud-music and dramatic-scenery city and atlantic seaboard mini-trips, and have had some of the most profound conversations with my friends in what chris would refer to as ‘the bubble of trust’.

so why would i not love it for fucking — on it, in it, next to it … a car is a very versatile little bubble of trust.

when someone suggested the other day on the facecrack page that i do a car sex NSFW, it all made a beautiful sort of sense.

so, here, for you my little purple fruits of the gods, something for the imagination and more…

i got most of these from the iLoveCarSex tumblr. check it out [clickety click]
happy monday!

Postsecret pic of the week :: How am I not sexual


i don’t know what this person is referring to, but i am assuming it’s asexuality.

I’ve been trying to find someone who identifies as asexual to have a chat with. if you know someone or are asexual, drop me note in the contact form above if you’re keen for this. i’ve asked before, but to no avail. even on the facebook page. and i don’t know anyone that identifies as asexual.

but not because they’re not out there. i suspect an asexual person is more likely to shut their mouths about not caring for sex or orgasmic sex because to speak about it would just incur too much flak. flak in the form of eyebrow raises, smirks, disbelief or pity.

Do you want to be orgasmic? Some people just don’t care for it…

this morning i came across a letter that a reader had sent to the guardian’s sex person, about being 25 and just, frankly uninterested and bored with sex stuff. i loved the first part of the answer from psychotherapist pamela stephanson connelly especially:

‘Do you WANT to be orgasmic? Some people do not care, and if you fall into that category, don’t let yourself be overly concerned by the “am I normal?” question. There are many different styles of sexuality and some people are simply content with non-orgasmic love-making.’

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