Riaan Cruywagen ‘uit sy kassie’

I was more than amused the other day when I walked past this little gem. The beautiful ambiguity of it is enough to bring a tear to my eye.

And look how happy he is. Pulling at his tie, cracking his makeup, upsetting his toupe — Hy’s net so MAL! Is dit omdat hy uit sy kassie is? Ag genugtig Riaan, ons is so bly dat jy nou lekker saam met die ander gays kan speel.

Anyway. To round this all off, the website says this of their cover:

“Nie net is Riaan ‘n ikoon van Afrikaanse televisie nie – hy word deesdae gereken as Suid-Afrika se eie Chuck Norris.”

So he’s out the closet AND he’s the new Chuck. Am I the only one that thinks the editor of should be fired?