An interview with a player

Dorothy Black gets tagged by player and gets him talking about women, his game and his wife.

‘So. You wanna get naked? :)’

It was 9 pm on a Thursday night and I’d just gotten out of the bath when my phone beeped through this message.

It was from Mr Player and I wasn’t at all surprised. He’d zeroed in a few weeks back and the flirt had started flatlining. It was clearly time to kick it up a level. I didn’t respond. He amuses me but I don’t do players, generally speaking. They’re different breed all on their own. Read more…

when tiger got ‘caught’ for being the lame-ass he is, trump made a comment that he should divorce his wife and embrace the life of a player — travelling the world, playing golf, partying and fucking like it’s December 2012

i mean, why the fuck not?

instead, he chose not to grow the balls the opportunity of being found out presented him and like some loser staged a well-rehearsed apology, went to therapy (under duress) and made a creepy Nike advert.


i don’t care about tiger, or joost, or letterman (although kudos to him for how he handled it), or mr bullock or any of the other dumb nuts too pussy to ‘fess up to their choices.

i’m interested in WHY they feel they need to lie about it and whether we should all just come to grips with the fact that maybe, just maybe, we’re not meant for a life-time of monogamy.

and saying shit like – well you know, some animals like the swan mate for life, is just bs. to that i say, the average lifespan of a swan in the wild is 7 years.


most relationships can’t manage past seven months, let alone marriages of 20 or 50 years. those are rare and should be applauded. or looked at oddly.

is you is or is you aint my baby muthafucka (read in a Samuel L jackson accent)...

is you is or is you aint my baby muthafucka (read in a Samuel L jackson accent)...

so unless you have the same brain capacity of a pretty bird with a foul temper you might need more to stimulate you than eating, sleeping, waddling, flying, swimming and fucking… (though, now that i type that out, that really does sound kinda fun and busy-making…)

anyway. they don’t have social media or iPhones.


the fuck.