Monthly Archives: January 2011

the most amazing random heart

a heart on a cow

got this from @jadetaylorcooke from cupoftea. it’s the best random heart i’ve ever seen. also, it’s from that faraway place called botswana, or as i prefer to call it, botswanes. i don’t know why. so […]

ned calls the gay and lesbian

got this from sparky this morning. warning: it is MAKES FUN WITH STEREOTYPES ABOUT THE GAY AND LESBIAN COMMUNITY but — as he said — i DARE you not to split sides laughing and the time warner […]

postsecret pics of the week :: jokes

so postsecret started off lame (again … ‘i said no to drugs cos i thought harry potter would disapprove’ ?! the fuck ?!) and then got good towards the end… these two i would consider […]

suicide bunnies

so i must admit that this week was a big GRUMP. not to say that i’m not delightful and a charm to be around when i’m experiencing a GRUMP. it’s just that i tend to […]

forever fucked up

so in my week of moan, we’ll just stick with middle america and the type of people who’d follow cindy jacobs, shovel mcdonalds into their garps and shop at walmart. for every time you’ve wish […]

those crazy christians

so i’m on a bit of a pluck with religion this week it seems. its an easy target and i’m too lazy in brain and busy with other things to fight it. anyway. twitter sent […]

Free your mind

scootered in to work today with my anthem for the day/week/year/life – en vogue’s ‘free your mind’. a little power song for the day – i’m on deadline so blogs might be few and far […]