The First Post

did you notice how i capped that? that is because it is Important. this is how Important:

this is the big bang by the way

Mostly cos this is potentially life-changing for me, if not you.

Though i’m sure you’ll be mightily pleased with the new content that’ll be loaded soon, such as the nifty resources (hot links) page for all your sex-, issues- and gender-related numbers and an events page for all the sex-related events in south africa … super cool.

Usual blogging about this and that will continue apace fear not and you’ll be privvy to the usual drivel i produce and which seems to amuse us both. which is always fun.

If you pick up on bugs/bad links please email me and let me know, though it has to be said that a lot of little things will be ironed out over the next few weeks.


most importantly, plums, new q&a’s will be posted directly online where i might or might not answer. kak one, but the barrage of emails is too much for even me to manage. even me. HA!

srsly though.

oh and the comments section is VASTLY improved so i will now answer all comments. OH AND the site is now mobile friendly. woot. so’s ya’ll can now stop mailing complaints about that.

either way we’ll figure it all out as we go along.

anyhoo. it’s time to launch this puppy.

mostly i’d like to say thanks to sue (she did the awesome design and logo) and the forge team, including special kudos to chris from imod (vair cool site about all kinds of shit) — they’ve all been awesome and as a princess-in-practising i announce that we all shall love them.


here we go.

bated breath.