a penis is…

last week i posted an image of a fine looking man and his cock. i was surprised by the men who responded on twitter with phrases that included words like ‘vomit’, ‘disgusting’, ‘never’… i was surprised because:

a) it was a beautiful picture

b) i’ve never had that response from women about the nudies i post of other women

c) it smacks of, if not homophobia, at least an unhealthy sense of sex and self/other

oh eeew he said peeeenaaaahss

oh eeew she said peeeenaaaahss

it got me thinking about the whole goose/gander issue when it comes to many heteronormative men: hey baby, you should totally dig a threesome with me and another chick BUT a threesome with you and another man? no freaking way. that’s, like, another man’s SCHLONG dude.

or, my personal favourite: hey baby, let me fuck you up the arse cos that’s totally awesome BUT there’s no way you’re putting a strap-on on and fucking me up the arse. that’s gay.

so i’d like to start addressing some of these perceptions and my first attempt to do so is to look at what we see a penis as, like what i did with the ‘a vagina is’ series a few weeks back? that.

is this better ya'll?

is this better ya’ll?


a penis is…

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love and hugs