Dreaming about exes is pretty much the worst

i HATE dreaming about exes. it gets them in your brain and weaves them into your emotional make-up for the week day.

my latest top ex dream topics to detest are (in no particular order):

  • I love you, Dot
  • I’m gay and was never into you anyway, Dot.
  • I was just never into you.
  • I miss you, let’s get back together, Dot.
  • Who’re you again? Dot?
  • Look we’re together again! YAY!
  • Look we’re together again! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
  • I’m happily married! With children! And a house in the suburbs! let’s have an affair!

etc etc etc

and there are sex dreams with the ex, which is just cruel and unusual punishment.

it’s like my subconscious is some weird split-personality crazy running around my head.

what would freud do?

it gets so boring.

so, last night, JUST as my subconscious was veering towards the ‘I’m gay and was never into you anyway, Dot.’ theme, i stopped it.

i stopped the dream in my dream, put my foot down and, like my mother always says, said ‘tot hier toe en nie verder nie’.*


then i lucid-dreamed a termination agreement/contract thing between me and the ex that included all the shit i feel like an idiot about, signed it and put it in the fire.

fucking fucking over it. i am more interesting than this.

*til here and no further