Monthly Archives: October 2011

memories, all alone with my deadlines

plums. i’m treating you like a cheap date and giving you only the little i can afford and rehashing the rest. because i’m […]

A NSFW hello to Monday :: Bondage

just one for you naughty plums today. well your today, being monday … my tonight, being sunday. i’ve had a weekend of sleeping […]

postsecret pic of the week :: crazy sexy acts

who can say they’ve never done this? right? awesome. more postsecrets here [clickety click]

Are you up for virtual sex?

Sexting, web-cam sex, chat sex … Dorothy Black prefers the REAL DEAL. Besides, it requires less multitasking. There are four little words in […]

little miss perfect

hi from the future! it’s 2015 and woolies, the store in question here, has decided to remove all these sexualised kiddies items from […]

Dreaming about exes is pretty much the worst

i HATE dreaming about exes. it gets them in your brain and weaves them into your emotional make-up for the week day. my […]

A NSFW hello to Monday

i’m going to separate the sunday and monday posts i think. well, that’s the plan. there were just so, so many lovely pics […]