the pill and your sex drive (or lack thereof)

wow. that is a super lame header. just couldn’t think of anything else that was both descriptive and funny. and short. if i had my way it’d be more like:

‘YAY! Kinsey finds that fucking horrible hormone contraceptives really do fuck with your sex drive!!’

but that would be, i dunno, too long.

my libido on hormones

my libido on hormonal contraceptives

fact is, every time i get a question from a dude or dudette about their or their gf’s low (or suddenly lowered) sex drive, my first question always has to be: are you on any medication? contraceptives, anti-depressants, menopause meds etc etc … ?

what you think of as your libido is largely a collection of body chemicals and hormones and if anything throws that out of wack, your happy parts will not be wanting much happy…

so, this just in from kinsey confidential : Recent research suggests that using a hormonal method of birth control is associated with decreased sexual functioning

[We] have been working on a study in which we examined the relationship between hormonal birth control methods [orally, absorption through the skin, implant, shot, intrauterine device] and various aspects of women’s sexual functioning such as women’s frequency in engaging in and initiating sexual activity, and frequency experiencing pain, lubrication, ease and intensity of orgasm, satisfaction, pleasure, and arousal.

…Women also noted feeling as though something was wrong with them, feeling anxious and feeling distressed over their lack of interest in sex and diminished sexual functioning after beginning a hormonal birth control method.

They found that using a hormonal method was associated with less frequent sex, less frequent feelings of arousal, pleasure, orgasm, and vaginal lubrication.

it’s no use being on a contraceptive that’s supposed to liberate you from the shackles of procreation only for it to wipe out your desire to kiss let alone get your kink on

This isn’t news to me and i’m sure it’ll come as no surprise to many women out there, but it’s nice to know that some clinical research MIGHT start happening to rectify this problem. and it IS a problem.

it’s no use being on a contraceptive that’s supposed to liberate you from the shackles of procreation only for it to wipe out your desire to kiss let alone get your kink on.

i chose to get a copper T, a non-hormonal IUD (intrauterine device), inserted because the pill fucked with my sex drive and mood too much. getting the IUD inserted was probably the worst pain i’ve ever experienced (some people opt to go under for it but i didn’t), but hey, i had a sex drive at least.

unfortunately for me, it didn’t last very long. my body hated that as well and I felt like I was on my period 35 days of the month.

now it’s back to condoms.

while we can’t deny the benefits of readily available hormonal contraceptives, it is time we start demanding more research into creating better, more female-friendly products.

after all, being on a body-changing personal population control device that benefits greater humanity really ought to have less horrible trade offs don’t you think.

and one other thing before i sign off here:

a woman not getting pregnant is easily managed with less invasive and problematic solutions: wear a condom, withdraw before ejaculation (yes yes not ideal but still used as a form of contraceptive), don’t have penetrative sex, take the morning after pill if there’s a slip up – but this requires the support and buy in from male partners who wear condoms, don’t shame you for expecting this, respect your boundaries, understand consent, don’t objective your body as an object they can use, who take responsibility for their actions…

whenever i hear about the pill as a device that can prevent pregnancy, i can’t help also hearing ‘a device that protects women from having to deal with men’s issues and sexism’.

but maybe that’s just me.