postsecret pic of the week :: herpes


sometimes it’s like there’s weird collective unconscious sub-meme running through the interwebs where everything is all lolcats and sad keanus and the next it’s suddenly all death and stds.

or possibly that’s just what i’m paying attention to.

someone left a comment on my last column Getting Real About HIV and STDs about a matchmaking site for people with STDs, It’s not local, but does claim to be ‘global’.

I’m in two minds about it. on the one hand it feels a bit divisory and supportive of creating an ‘us and them’ culture. on the other, like a friend of mine said, at least people can be open, not feel judged and make choices with all the cards on the table. anyway, see for yourself [clickety click].

although i’m not a fan of the new ‘cheap n cheating’ online postsecrets that frank is posting, there were some pretty cool ones. this was my fave:

oh and the cat one … checkitout [clickety click]