postsecret pic of the week :: alone

this postsecret wasn’t the whole of it. frank posted two emails after the fact, one from a woman who would like to adopt and one from the postsecret postee after the fact. checkit:

Hi Frank – My husband and I are not able to have children. Or at least I’m not. I had my 2nd ectopic pregnancy the day before Thanksgiving and they took my last fallopian tube. I would love to get my contact info to the poster of the abortion secret in case she changes her mind and considers adoption. We would make amazing parents!…[email removed]…

Hi Frank – Can you please take down my email? I’m getting hate mail. I guess it wasn’t the right thing to do. Thank you!

first i thought hate mail pro-lifers? really? someone posts a secret about something painful and traumatic for them and your christian response is HATE mail?


but then i wondered if the hate mate was directed to the woman who wanted to adopt? and then just couldn’t figure out what there would be to hate? can you?

makes me feel a bit bad about being so judgy about last week’s postsecret tannie.