postsecret pic of the week :: spiders and vaginas

try getting that out of your mind

try getting that out of your mind

certainly THE most bizarre postsecret i’ve read in ages. so i had to post. that and the fact the card is numbered 33, which is my fave number in the whole unknown multiverse.


not that much else to say i’m afraid. this weekend was, well, more of the usual lovely awesome summer stuff in cape town. saw jesse by chance at a club. knees buckled a bit, realised it all still felt a bit weird, so high-tailed it out of there. ran away really, is what i did. very grown-up.

still. probably better than getting drunk and putting my tongue in his mouth. or humping his leg (not far off though). or hurling incoherent hostile gibberish at him. or all three. guess i’m winning in some small way.

oh and i got a warning from facecrack for posting a link to a pic of a man with his penis hanging out [this post clickety click], which pisses me off for two reasons:

  1. someone who followed the page probably complained. to you, fair plum, i say FOAD.
  2. that facebook listens to crud like that and has ‘obscenity’ clauses that cracks down on perfectly harmless nude pics but still allows violent sexism and outrageous political bullshit pages to continue is beyond me
ya feelin' me?

ya feelin’ me?

reminds me of the whole hetzner debacle last year. but let me not upset myself, it’s enough that my tap’s washer  blew on a sunday night and we’ve had to close off the water before i’ve had a chance to wash off all the beach salt and tantra sweat.

on the other hand, that’s not such a terrible thing either.

oh, a joke from swissy: mondays are like penises — long and hard.

he’s a funny little swissy. do you know he’s 23, has had three long-term relationships, has been in the army and has a 2-year-old son. these swissies get around.