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Last week Chris Brown made the mistake of taking on WWE fighter, CM Punk, in twitterland. Marshall weighs in…

The Best in The World vs The Douche – The Cult of Personality

Good morning Citizens

If it had turned out that the Chris Brown/CM Punk affair of last week was indeed a PR stunt, it is a work of senseless stupidity for Brown. Because it paints him not only as an unapologetic woman-beater, but as a total and complete tool in the intellect department as well.

At least traditionally, to be considered a jock’s intellectual inferior is not something a ‘creative’ writer and performer would be proud of. Sad for Brown is that this jock in particular, one Mr Philip Brooks of Chicago, happens to be a first-class entertainer, eloquent orator and the total opposite of everything Brown could think of throwing his way.

a god

a god

a mentally disturbed boy-child who likes to beat up women

a mentally disturbed boy-child who likes to beat up women

Here’s how it started.

CM Punk tweeted a wee idea, not unfamiliar to people who are unsettled by his easy re-entry into rihanna’s life and the spotlight:

To which Brown responded (a tweet that has since been deleted):

What a way for Brown to go …  One supposes that Brown would know how to pleasure a ‘women’ – with a tender fist to the face.

Punk cut a video in response, during which he speaks directly to the camera:

‘Chris and I come from different worlds. I don’t have an assistant. I don’t have a bodyguard.  I don’t have a manager or a PR person telling me to delete tweets like Chris does, and I don’t hit women. Period…

‘In my world women are meant to be revered and respected, and I firmly believe that in this life there are consequences and repercussions for people’s actions and I think Chris Brown hasn’t paid for what he’s done. Picking up trash on the side of a highway does not make amends for repeatedly striking a woman to her face and sending her to a hospital.’

Picking up trash on the side of a highway does not make amends for repeatedly striking a woman to her face and sending her to a hospital

The interwebworld has since been abuzz with debate around whether Punk was right to bring up Chris Brown, whether the WWE was right to consequently talk about it on their website and programming (exploiting a real-world scenario has never been a problem for sports-entertainment in general), and so on.

In my view, one particular take on the whole Chris Brown scumbucket does deem meritorious: He seems unrepentant. There are many people – me included – that agree with Punk that ‘Chris Brown hasn’t paid for what he’s done’. That he seems arrogant about his subsequent success is sickening, to the point that non-wrestling fans have declared a willingness to pay money to watch Punk stick Brown in the anaconda vise, and show him how it feels to be powerless. (hehe – anaconda!)

go #teambreezy. your hero.

go #teambreezy. your hero.

Whether or not Punk had called him out, he needn’t have responded at all, let alone in a way that suggests that another man who criticises his actions is somehow less than his idea of masculinity. It is a classic case, for me, of the response justifying the baiting, if only to prove a self-affirming point.

…and then for Brown to  just seem ignorant when the person he tried to cheap-shot is famously straight-edge (no drugs, no alcohol, no smoking, etc), and a guy who is willing and more than able to tear you apart, not just physically, but morally and intellectually, too. There’s no good place for this to go for Chris Brown. There never was.

Thank you for listening, Citizens. Carry on as planned…



From Dot:
In 2010 I wrote a blog about abuse against women and how it is possible that women still accept this a status quo. Check it out here [clickety click].

Also, Chris McEvoy wrote an interesting column on the women who recently joked that Brown could beat up on them any time. Check it out here [clickety click].


  1. He is totally unrepentant. He showed this with his tweet after the spat with that comedian: “Ask Rihanna if she mad” which is both degrading to her (ie, making her look like a weak, simpering excuse for a woman) and makes him look disgustingly arrogant (oh, look at me, I can beat the shit out of a woman and she’ll come running back to me)
    The whole situation makes me sick – I already refuse to listen to Chris Brown… and now I feel like writing Rihanna off as well.

    December 3, 2012 at 2:38 pm
  2. hey, I think The Rock is awesome. some of them are great showmen/entertainers.

    February 28, 2012 at 12:02 pm
  3. You should watch more wrestling, sparky/ :) You’ll find that a great many wrestlers – particularly Canadians – are exceptionally smart, eloquent, and capable of speaking. Don’t make the mistake Chris Brown made, thinking the modern wrestler to be an oversized roid raged meat eater.

    February 28, 2012 at 11:11 am
  4. apparently quite a few of the big name wrestlers have taken to social media, to help build up their public image. which is quite a shock, since I didn’t know they passed grammar school

    but back on topic, chris brown should most certainly die screaming of Gonorrhea. his actions are abhorrent, and Rhianna’s actions in taking him back are incomprehensible.

    February 28, 2012 at 10:43 am
  5. PS: I may have inferred that Brown ‘started’ the to and fro… and in a sense he did. BUT it would be remiss of me not point out that Brown was actually responding to a throwaway comment from Punk about who he’s like to fight at Wrestlemania… going through a list of potential ‘dream match’ opponents , Punk tweeted to his fans that he’s like to ‘curbstomp that turd’ Chris Brown, too. To which Brown took umbrage. Sadly.

    February 28, 2012 at 10:04 am

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