Ask Dot :: I am a guy and i like wearing panties

Hi Dorothy!
I have a weird fetish which has gotten stronger over the years. Some years ago in my teens i started a strange fetish which is i love the feel of female panties and wearing them, i only wear them to bed, for a number of reasons. As a teen i used to steal them from friends houses if they had sisters or hot mommies, sometimes i used to steal the dirty ones from the laundry basket as the bedrooms were not always easy to get to for the clean ones, as i could never deal with the thought of getting caught.

I know it is wrong and sick but i could not control myself. Well i don’t need to tell you what i used to do with them, but i used to get really excited. As the years have gone by i managed to control myself but still, if the opportunity came up, i would steal a pair or two.

Now in my 30s  i still enjoy the feel and like wearing them, i now have built up the courage to buy my own but it is still nerve wracking when i buy them in store.

My question to you is it ok for men to have a panty fetish, and what do most woman think about it? And how can i stop this fetish that i love so much. And most important is i am not gay and like woman alot.
Loving Panties



why do you feel this is a kink you have to stop? and i’m concerned that you think it’s ‘wrong’ and ‘sick’. the only part wrong about that scenario is stealing. and maybe sick if you stole some super serious victoria’s secret imports, cos if they were mine i’d what to kill you…

that aside, hetero men wearing women’s underwear is a very common phenomenon and nothing to be ashamed about. and it’s not nearly as weird as you think it is. society’s narrow acceptance of ‘what boys wear’ and ‘what girls wear’ is incredibly limiting (and a dysfunctional IMHO) perception of sexuality. so it’s ok for girls to wear ‘boy-style’ cotton briefs or boxers, but guys can’t try out the super sensuous yummy lacies girls wear? who wouldn’t love the feel of them?

I think the problem would come in if you couldn’t orgasm or be sexually aroused without wearing women’s clothing. that would point to a very limited expression of your own sexuality, maybe one that you’ve not accepted or fully explored yet.

but for what you’re explaining i don’t think it’s a question of changing this, it is a question of accepting it and making sure that you don’t open yourself up to unnecessary judgment or harm by people who don’t understand, like being caught stealing them or maybe wearing them in situations that would be inappropriate if you were ‘found out’.

anyway if you’re buying panties, the store people are going to think you’re buying them for your girlfriend. besides i wouldn’t give a toss about what they think anyway.

as for future girlfriends, you’ll find one you can trust and confide in. and there are people out there who aren’t judgmental or full of shit.

check out this page on of questions answered by Hope Alexander on the issue of cross-dressing [clickety click]

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