i’m taking a ride

there’s a soundtrack to this post. here it is:

here are some things that were reiterated for me once again over this past week.

1. you do not need to stay friends with cunts. if someone goes out of their way to make you feel shit, you can actually friends cleanse that mofo out of your life. snip snip snip, delete delete delete.

2. falling in love is like getting high. take your drug away and some semblance of normal thinking can resume. it’s the actual love bit that’s not so easy to back away from ne? but luckily i’m a slow burn on that one.

3. some friends you can sing along with to the beatles while on a million-hour road trip. and they’ll sing with. these friends are to be valued.

4. i have fan-girl tendencies.

5. i really really really really love KZN muchly.

now. since there was no NSFW this week, i’ll share a pic that @crustyww sent me:

yes please.

yes please.

you’re welcome. more later.