postsecret pic of the week :: foreplay

i didn’t really click with any of the postsecrets (except the schoolgirl one was cool). but this one just made me mutter in my head a bit.

seriously, oh my god woman, get a fucking life. because you’re a lifeless, incapacitated dummy totally at the mercy of ‘his version’ of foreplay, right?

you know what happens when you don’t open your mouth to your long-term partner (or anyone you plan to sleep with more than twice) about the kind of sex you want? this:

you shut your mouth instead of gently telling beau what you like, so the other person thinks they’re doing ok and then when you finally can’t take the incompatible technique anymore after a million years, you blurt out something stupid at entirely the wrong time and your partner then learns that what they’ve been doing has sucked, which means you’ve actually been faking it, which translates to lying, which makes them feel foolish and stupid, which translates to bruised egos, sad people and distrust in the bedroom.

don’t be a self-righteous dick. you don’t have to be cruel to be kindly telling someone what you like. you’re not doing anyone any favours by lying and, assuming you approach the topic with tact, if your partner doesn’t take the new info well there are more issues here than whether you like a finger up your butthole or a little psuedo-stripper roleplay.

so, postsecret lady. i’m totally judging on you.