i did not want to like you lana, but i do

I’m your little harlot, starlet, singin’ in the garden.
Kiss me on my open mouth, ready for you.

The VUP introduced me to lana del rey a few months ago. that picture, the one above, is the first image i saw of her. i didn’t want to like her. she was too obvious.

her music reminded me of a david lynch movie with all the colour sucked out of it, with all the towns people missing. wild at heart with the purple and black erased and replaced with sepia; twin peaks empty of the people that give it character.

but tonight, driving in a fast car — from shakti’s book launch and a run-in with rahasya (who i’m seeing on saturday, be still my beating vagina) — with a man that knows how to fast car and kiss, i listened to this song, and my defences were blown.

superb. a bit lolita meets leaving las vegas.

you’re still a bit surreal to me – a siren mannequin. but ‘off to the races’ won me over.