Songs to make love to

gary cool is a DJ on online radio station 2OV among other things and he recently approached me to compile my mix-tape choice of songs to shag to. so i did and it was fun.

i asked some twitter plums to tweet me their sexy-time songs also and he included their choices on the B side. cool huh?

  1. Paula Cole – feeling love
  2. Lana Del Rey – off to the races
  3. Tricky – evolution, revolution, love
  4. Tricky – overcome
  5. Massive attack – girl i love you
  6. Depeche mode – in your room (the original, not the one he’s loaded)
  7. (actually had Led Zeppelin’s Dazed and Confused here, but thought it might be a little too too)
  8. Holly go lightly – your love is mine
  9. David Bowie – cactus
  10. Cowboy junkies – sweet jane

What are your happy-making, sexy-time songs?