A Look Inside A Vagina (For Educational Purposes Only *cough*)

one of the creepiest porn videos i ever watched wasn’t really porn at all. we were in taiwan and had one or three regular eateries, of which one was a fried rice hole in the wall restaurant. the friendly owner, concerned i suppose by our foreigness and proximity to sexually explicit homegrown materials, handed my beau a plastic bag of VCDs, of which this particular clip was one.

it was basically just a woman, lying on her back, legs spread, while a camera moved in closer and closer to her vagina. cut scene. next image is a torch-lit vaginal canal, a tunnel of flesh ending in a dark pit of nothing, with the pen camera now peering around like an amazed alien in a foreign land.

it was weird.

yesterday, a plum sent me this… not very much different in exploratory value and purpose, but with better camera work, voice overs and a guest appearance by a penis. the editing is weird and it is very strange to see, but it is very educational and disturbingly arousing. at least for me.

this is definitely NSFW

it never  ceases to amaze me how curious we find the vagina.