Sex toy story

Yay! my first piece in the mail&guardian – very happy making. it’s out this week and hopefully the first of many. i have another story lined up after this which is a lot meatier. vair excite.

I am standing on Sea Point Main Road in front of a shop with blacked-out windows. It is “female friendly”, the acid-yellow lettering tells me. Above that in equally searing neon is the name “Luv Land”.

Inside, the store is smaller than I expected, and warmer. It is stifling, actually, but that could be the black walls and floor-to-ceiling shelves of DVDs that greet you as you walk in — cellophaned women spread-eagled and pouting above their naked breasts and sweet incense wafting in from God knows where, certainly not an open window.

There is a selection of cheap sex toys, caricatures of human genitals, really, which seems to sweat in their plastic holders. Lingerie hangs limply from a pillar supporting hooks of Hustler-branded sex gadgets: butt plugs, cock rings and bullet vibrators.

While a solitary man in his 40s, who looks as if he is dressed for church, peers at a selection of rubbery vaginas in one corner, I puzzle over how this can possibly be considered a “female-friendly” store.

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