Dot Spot Faces of Movember :: Mo Bro and Sista (MoBrow?) WEEK ONE

Lady and gent plums i present The Growth of The First Week as expressed by Nick ‘Mo Bro’ Sauce Boss and Kayli ‘Mo Sis’ Brow Boss.

Look, I have to say, I am moerse (to non-saffar-type readers, this is an afrikaans word that is really unparalleled in english diction, meaning a combination of ‘super’ and ‘fucking’) impressed. not only by kayli’s adventurous, kahlo-esque face hair, but by the sheer volumosity that is nick’s enthusiastic upper lip presentation.

well done mo sis and mo bro.

you make your fearless leader proud. if i could walk around with my laptop displaying this page and facing out as i hold it  against my belly while i walk i would. i would do this thing to demonstrate my delight in your work. but am i lazy. so instead we’ll have to rely on social media to remind the world how awesome you’re being for joining with the other lads and lasses in supporting this awareness campaign.

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don’t forget to get your prostate and balls checked. and lasses, while we’re all about this, go get a pap smear.

Check out their pages on and load your own pics.

laters (yes, i said that. i did.)