soon, my precious(nesses)


so this week has been hectic, what with freaking myself out by putting my face everywhere.


normal broadcasting will resume tomorrow with our final movember insert – very excite! i too shall be putting my moused mug up with those delightfully hairy faces of kayli and nick.

but for now i must fly. shit is waiting to be handled.

also, an aside, i have shingles! hurrah! turns out all the stress from this past month activated the chickenpox horror i had as a child and gave me a lumpy spot on my back. super sexy. but on the bright side, it’s not skin cancer as i was blathering on about to the coven and my borderline hypochondria paid off by getting it diagnosed early.

ha. and you thought i’d change now that you can see my face. nope. not one iota. look:

vagina, sex, poop, penis, sex, wank, cunt, fart.*

adios muchachos. til tomorrow.

*and with that dot promptly loses the other five followers she gained since the ‘big reveal’.