My song of the week :: Bongodongo

A few years back I went to watch Marshall and Josh play at a small two-night gig called ‘The Song’s The Thing’. One of the nights this dude called Mapumba gets up on stage with a some instrument, i can’t recall what, and starts belting out this song that made my insides happy. also, he’s pretty hot and that made my insides happy also.


i bought his album and listened to it once or twice and then forgot about it. but last week i popped it into my car’s cd player and have had it on rotation ever since. it’s so much fun and calm and africa sound that it makes me feel all mooshy and zen. i like a lot of the tracks, but bongodongo is by far my favourite.

it’s the story about a guy and a girl who met and decided to have sex for fun – nothing serious. after the act he moves on and she gets all pissed that he’s not wanting more, and he gets all like, wtf, we agreed this was just fun, why are you getting all up in my grill? calm the fuck down… or in his words: chill out, chill out and take it easy, why you wanna go now and call me sleazy…’


such fun to sing along to: ‘all i wantedtado wastodanceda bongodongo’.

awesome. though, am concerned it might move to this:

check out mapumba’s myspace [clickety click]