Erotica #1 :: The Shoot


‘I’m going to need you to move a little forward.’

He leaned in with the lens and I pushed my chest out a little further, tilted my shoulders and raised my chin.

‘Great, now just shift both your legs to the side and lift your right knee up onto the bed.’

My tights pulled between my legs, rubbing harder against my clit. I should’ve worn underwear.

I’d just changed my top. He had stayed in the room, watching me. We both knew the situation had changed. Earlier, at a lunch to discuss the shoot, he’d pulled my hand towards him and lifted it to his face, inhaling.

I wanted to say: ‘Usually, pencil shavings’ or ‘not yet’. But we were still pretending, so I just laughed.

And now here we were. Still pretending. Except now there was a more palpable electricity in the air. A heaviness that only comes with the bass notes of sexual tension.

He got up from the chair and moved closer, adjusting the top fold of my mostly unbuttoned blouse, moving my hair slightly to the side.

‘It’ll make it easier to repro later,’ he said, as his hand brushed across my breast and our eyes locked for a moment.

I turned to face him again as he sat back down, this time closer. I moved forward, almost off the side of the bed, spreading my legs and pushing my pelvis down against the edge. My pussy had started to ache and I needed some pressure on it.

He knew what I was doing.

I lifted my hips up slightly, before pushing down again, this time with more of a grind

‘I need you kneel on the bed now.’ And so I did. ‘Come a little more forward.’ And I did. But this time I inched my hips down towards the mattress, not taking my eyes off the lens. I knew what it was watching. I lifted my hips up slightly, before pushing down again, this time with more of a grind.

I heard his sharp intake of breath before he leant back, dropping his arms to his side; his camera heavy and his concentration finally overcome.

I caught his eye, before winding my gaze down to where his cock strained hard against his jeans – hard enough so that I see the clear outlines of the shaft and head. I trailed my foot along the inside of this thigh and nudged my toes against his bulge.

We’d stopped pretending.

In one swift move, he’d pushed himself up off the chair and up against me between my legs. I lay back as he found my clit beneath the thin material of my tights and began running his finger over it lightly, pressing his cock – rubbing the length of it – against me.

The urgency in his face was clear.

‘I want to you to touch your little pussy.’ But before I could say or do anything, he had reached his hand between the fabric of my tights and my skin, lifting it away to push his fingers in far enough to find my slit. I was wet and throbbing. Had been for an hour. I pushed his hand further down, urging his fingers to go deeper, for his palm to press against my clit harder. With his other hand he’d unzipped his fly and pulled his dick out, gripping the shaft and pulling the skin back over the shiny, engorged head. ‘I’m going to make you come and then I’m going to come on you, ok?’

It was a one man show and all I had to do was lie back.

I wanted him inside me, but I knew that would cross a line neither of us could come back from

He stood over me, rubbing his sex against the side of my tits as his fingers worked their way between my swollen lips and up into me. I could feel my orgasm mounting, but I needed more. I wanted him inside me, but I knew that would cross a line neither of us could come back from.

My hand met his between my legs and I moved my fingers in and around my hole in a way I’d become familiar with, using his hand for extra pressure and imagined girth against all those easy sweet spots I knew so well. If I couldn’t have cock, I’d have more hand.

The fleshy pads of his fingers found my G-spot and a steady rhythm; a rawness that made me buck up against him. I could feel him working his dick against my skin and imagined the small drops of pre-cum trailing against my ribs. ‘There’s a good girl,’ he breathed, bending down to suck a tight nipple he’d pulled from my bra. ‘There’s a good girl.’ I felt my orgasm contract my cunt and move up and down my body, a snake coiling and uncoiling, pulling at my hips and stretching out my legs.

He kept his hand over my pussy, his fingers still inside of me as he worked his shaft, buckling as he came. I felt his warm cum on my belly and half wished he’d aimed for my boobs, which were now pushed up and out, eager for more.