Erotica#1 :: Rocky Horror Tantra, an intro

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Last week I started the Erotica#1 series on the blog with a piece I’d written. Other writers will contribute and the kind of erotica on offer will be super varied. This week’s piece is one that actually inspired the series and i’d like to do a quick intro here.

rahasya and wendy

rahasya and wendy

I first heard Rahasya read an excerpt of his book at the Conscious Sexuality Conference in 2011.

“I would love to see you in innocent white schoolgirl panties …
with the little skirt … yummy.” He nuzzled her neck and stroked
a hand up her leg. “Have you been a good little girl?” he asked as
he grabbed and firmly squeezed a handful of her inner thigh. He
stopped nuzzling and looked her in the eyes, the large grin on his
face expanding.”

it intrigued me that anything ‘tantra’ could be so … naughty? he introduced the piece as an excerpt from his book Rocky Horror Tantra and ever since, I’ve been hooked.

rocky horror tantra

so here’s what’s going to happen. you’re going to come on a little journey with me every other wednesday or so (i’ll be slotting in RHT excerpts inbetween the usual erotica) … a little journey through rahasya’s tantra teachings by way of the erotica he posts at the beginning of each chapter. i’ll post a the lines the caught my eye and you can click through to read the rest of the text.

You want to know what tantra really, really is?

but be warned: this is not everyone’s cup of tea. you want to know what tantra really, really is? RHT is an introduction.

“Tantra is the roughest, rockiest and unquestionably the most
horrible of spiritual paths. It is not a journey for the faint-hearted,
the weak-minded or the emotionally troubled. It presents serious
difficulties even to the heroic”

it won’t be your usual run-of-the-mill … but you know me better than to expect that, right?

Rocky Horror Tantra