Erotica#1 :: Dear Diary :: Biology Class


Dear Diary,

I’ve been having these recurring fantasies about Mr Jooste. It’s getting really distracting and making it harder and harder for me to concentrate in class. I don’t know how, but even they way he teaches biology makes me wet.

I’m sure he knows it too. I was in the middle of imagining what his cock might look like and when I refocused on the lesson I found him staring right at me. I went bright red and he actually smiled. But it wasn’t a friendly smile. It was kind of scary – hot obviously – but scary – like he had just made a decision about something. I swear, if I didn’t know better I would think that he could read my mind!

The current fantasy is that he asks me to stay after class to talk about my marks – which have been dropping because I can’t concentrate of anything when he is in the room.

He tells me to sit down in the chair next to his desk. He walks around behind me and starts to berate me – telling me how much more he expected from me, how he has spoken to the other teachers and his class is the only one I am not excelling in, how he knows I can do better blah blah blah…

While he’s talking, he pulls the ribbon out of my hair and then takes my hands, which are in my lap, and ties them up behind the chair. I am too scared and excited to say anything.

And then he says, “The thing is Lizzie, I know what’s going on here. Your body has been talking to me since the beginning of term and telling me exactly what you need to get your marks up. All you need is a bit of discipline…”

He pushes my skirt up to my waist and puts his face right up to my pussy. He inhales deeply. I am so wet that I’m sure you can see my panties glisten

I turn to look at him and he has that same smile that I just told you about and my stomach does flip flops. He then drops to his knees in front of me – never losing eye contact – and forces my knees apart roughly. He pushes my skirt up to my waist and puts his face right up to my pussy. He inhales deeply. I’m so wet I’m sure you can see my panties glisten.

He just stays there. Breathing in my scent and then blowing hot air over the thin panty material barely covering my clit. Over and over. I think I might just die! Finally he stops and stands up.

“I’m going to help you,” he says. “As you get questions right I will slowly remove these glorious panties and using my fingers and my mouth bring you to an orgasm that you will remember for the rest of your life.”

“But,” he turns away and gets something out of his drawer, “when you get something wrong… I will beat your soft thighs, tits and pretty little pussy with these – depending on how badly you get the answers wrong.”

He pulls out two floggers and a long piece of leather that I don’t even know the name for.

A small whimper leaves my lips and even I don’t know if it’s ‘cos of fear or desire. All I know is that if he keeps talking to me like this I may come without him even having to touch me at all.

He takes the softest, lightest looking flogger in his hand and swishes it over my face while firmly holding the back of my neck.

“Let’s start with some basic biology shall we…”


Dear Diary,

Today I did something really stupid. It was like I wanted to get caught. I actually packed my bright pink Swan vibe into my school bag. I don’t really know what I was thinking – its not like there is ever a moment in the day to use it. I think about it during every biology class but its not like I could ever actually do anything about it. I am such a fool!

Today’s fantasy was intense. I imagined that Mr Jooste calls me to his class after school. He says that the teachers have been doing routine checks of school bags after one of the grade 9s had been caught selling drugs. (This actually happened by the way. Really! It was Diane’s brother. Her parents are having a total meltdown!)

Anyway, I am standing in his class and he is sitting behind his desk in that big chair – leaning slightly back as he always does when he knows something we don’t and I just know what’s coming. He opens his drawer and takes out my toy and puts it on the desk. He says nothing. He just looks down at the vibrator, which looked dainty and pretty when I bought it, but now looks huge and grotesque in its uninhibited fuchsia brightness. He looks straight at me.

I’m horrified. I start to stutter, trying to explain or apologise or something. It doesn’t come out that coherently and I end up silent, feeling embarrassed.

“Why did you bring this to school Lizzie?” he asks. “Have you used it today?”. He sniffs the Swan and smiles. “No,” he says. “No, you haven’t… “

“You have put me in a very difficult situation,” says Mr. Jooste. “I have to report this and it won’t look good on your record.” I just look at him too terrified to know what to think. “Why did you bring this to school Lizzie?” he asks. “Have you used it today?”

He sniffs the Swan and smiles. “No,” he says. “No, you haven’t… So why Lizzie? Where you hoping to find the time to use it? Where you hoping someone would find it? Where you waiting to use it on one of your little friends? Tell me… I really want to know.”

My mouth and throat are dry. “I don’t know sir… I really don’t. I don’t know what I wanted to do with it. Its just…”

He is standing now with the toy still in is his hand. He walks round to me and puts the larger, rounded end against my lips. “Open your mouth,” he instructs.

I open my mouth and he slides the smooth end into my mouth. “Lick it,” he says. I do. “That’s it. Use your tongue. Imagine it’s my cock in your mouth. Show me what you would do to me.”

I have been dreaming about this for so long and actually tried this exact thing myself that I automatically start to lick and suck the Swan. After a few moments he removes the toy and stares at me.

“You appear to know what you are doing. I wonder what else can you do with it…”

He clears his desk of all the pieces of paper, textbooks and his laptop and lifts me up onto it and hands me the Swan. “Go on, show me,” he encourages.

I turn it on. It’s still wet with my saliva and I can feel I’m crazy soaked from imagining it was his cock. He helps me remove my panties and gently pushes me to lie down on the desk. As I lie back I see his hard cock stretching against his jeans.

This gives me confidence and I switch the vibe on, pressing it against my clit and rubbing the delicious buzz along the outside of my lips. As he watches, I push the thick knob of the tip into my hole…

To be continued…

– Faith Bishop