Erotica#1 :: One night stand

EROTICA one night stand
We leave the bar and head back to your place. We both know that I’m about to fuck you senseless.

You look for your keys to unlock the door while I press up behind you, breathing into your ear, my hands feeling you up through your clothes.

I kiss you in your neck, nibbling and sucking, as you struggle to find the right key. You manage to insert it into its slot and I slip my hand into your pants, finding your warm sex through your panties. You’re still busy with the key; it’s difficult for you to focus. I slip my hand further down and under your panties, curling my fingers into you, penetrating you ever so slightly.

Your key turns in the lock and we hear your neighbour starting to unlock their door.

‘Careful, we don’t want to get caught,’ I whisper into your ear, slipping my fingers even deeper into you.

Just as your neighbour’s door starts to open, you manage to force the key to turn and with a burst we’re in, stumbling into the hallway. I push you against the closed door…

Kissing you deeply while grinding my cock against your crotch, I pull off your sweater, but leave it around your hands, using it to pin your hands to the door.

I move my lips over your skin, kissing down your arms to your neck before whispering in your ear: ‘If your hands move from that door I will have to punish you.’

I slowly pull your top up, kissing my way up to your breasts, until your top is just under your chin.

Your nipples are hard and aching, exposed. I take one softly into my mouth, wetting the erect bud and before blowing on it. You like me nipping at them slightly with my teeth… you’re pushing my face harder into your breasts and grinding your hips against mine.

I push your legs apart and pull your panties tighter, so that your pussy lips are swollen and exposed against the fabric

I turn you around, making you lean forward with your hands still above your head against the door. I kiss the back of your neck while my hands play with your nipples, kissing my way down your back to the edge of your pants. I slowly pull them down, kissing down the backs of your legs.

Then I kiss my way back up to your sheer panties, pulling them into your firm cheeks so that they form a thong. I’m kneeling now, my mouth and hands on your arse. I push your legs apart and pull your panties tighter, so that your pussy lips are swollen and exposed against the fabric.

I trail my tongue along the panty’s edges and over your thighs, every now and then releasing the tension on your panties to slip my tongue in beneath the material and taste you. Then I pull your panties to the side and slowly start to tongue fuck you, pausing to lick from your clit to your pussy hole. But you want more; you want harder. With my lips working at your clit, I slip two fingers into you and start stroking and teasing your G-spot, stretching and opening you up just a little more. Just a little to get you ready for something bigger…

– B Man