Erotica#1 :: Rocky Horror Tantra : eroticism


CHAPTER TWO :: Exploring eroticism 
Eroticism, the light in the darkness of everybody’s life

The Ironmonger (Part 1)
A couple walks into our protagonist’s iron workshop to negotiate the making of a bed – a very specific bed. Here is a snippet…

“Nothing but nothing is going to be allowed to sag anytime soon. And I insist …” She turned dramatically and stalked towards me. “I absolutely insist on inflexible rigidity.”

Leigh beamed a smile which seemed to gather momentum as she advanced on us. I became aware that my mouth hung open and snapped it shut. She came to the table and waved a finger in the air until we looked at it. The finger descended and our eyes followed it down to the page. It stopped, pointing at the contentious bracing.

‘Where are my hooks?’

She spoke. “This is necessary because, if I hold on here, and move, or am moved with some, let us call it passion, this …” she indicated the head of the bed, “will flex back and forth, and the legs, which are all one piece with it, will dig holes in my gorgeous pine floor. Worse, they will squeak. The same will happen at the foot.”

She tapped her short, clean, sharp fingernail on the paper to keep our attention there and continued. “The rail is useful bracing for forces in all directions but it is more necessary than that for …” She peered closer in the tricky light, studying the diagram, bending further over the table.

I studied her tits which were completely revealed as the loose cotton under her jacket fell open. No cleavage as such but perky and cute as puppies. If she held onto the bed head, and was ‘moved by passion’, they would move like … This happy chain of thought was rudely interrupted by her suddenly slapping the paper. I broadened my view. Fortunately, she was focused on the guy.

He looked nervous. She looked stern – as stern as a school teacher confronting dog-chewed homework.

“Where are my hooks?”


(a note from dot: when you read this, understand ‘your eroticism’ as your fantasy, your sweet spot of delicious dark that sparks your mind’s eye, fires your belly and swells your sex…)

From Rahasya:

The first and most important thing to realise about your eroticism is that there is no sense at all in avoiding it. It is driven by whatever part of your mind is subconscious in that moment. Many of the body’s controls and responses are managed by subconscious aspects, especially sexual arousal.

This means that we are sometimes in disagreement with our bodies. We try to force it to be aroused when it is nervous or bored. We try to suppress arousal when it seems inappropriate or inconvenient.

If we want to explore deeply into the truth of sex and love, we need a more direct and powerful approach. We need to directly explore that which we find erotic.

Exploring one’s erotic urges in strong awareness is the fastest and most thorough method for dispelling the layers of trained associations we have around sex. Much has to be uncovered before we can experience sex in its pure form.

There is no sense in avoiding your eroticism

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that your eroticism will change as each layer of it is exposed as false. When this happens, that particular flavour of eroticism becomes just part of your range and capacity. It no longer rules you from subconscious depths. You can play with it and enjoy it, but you no longer hunger for it.

Step by step, a tantrika follows his or her eroticism, testing it in the ultimate laboratory of personal experience, continually discarding the false and approaching the real.

This transition from eroticism to the naturalness of sex is the start of true Tantra.

Read more about what Rahasya has to say about eroticism on pages 42 to 47 of Rocky Horror Tantra [clickety click]