Erotica#1 :: Your Power

EROTICA your power

I want to walk into the room unsuspectingly. I want you ready for me. I want you to pose suggestively, at once aroused and slightly embarrassed. I want you wet. I want you hungry for me. I want to see and taste your arousal. I want you posed knowing that the pose is for me to see. I want you near orgasm, fantasising about me. I want you to look at me and run your hands down your own body knowing that the sight of you will make me instantly hard for you. I want to see your nipples harden and hear your gasp of breath. I want to see the slick wetness of your sex draped across your hand. I want to look into your eyes as you fuck yourself for me. I want to stand shocked and aroused as you make yourself come for me. I want to be hard, aching and in awe of your orgasm.

I want your mouth to suck me into its wet heat

I want to drink in your soul as you come while looking wilfully into my eyes. I want you to turn on me and begin to slowly devour me. I want you to unzip me. I want your hand to cup my balls, I want your mouth to suck me into its wet heat. I want to groan loud and resist my unbearable orgasm. I want you to know I am hard and lustful for you while I write this. I want to feel your breasts against me as I begin to come in your mouth. I want your hands to tug on my balls as you devour my orgasm. I want to taste myself on your breath. I want to feel my come across your body. I want to love you and collapse in your arms. I want to be delirious, falling asleep, looking into your eyes. I need to stop writing so I can come now, thinking about this…

– Sir Stern