Erotica#1 :: The Library by Faith Bishop

EROTICA library

I’m sitting in the university library. My hands gripping the book in front of me as I try to concentrate on the words. But they make no sense. They just swim and dance before my eyes.

I look up the librarian standing behind the desk. His blue eyes are on me and he has a slight smile on his lips. I take a quick gasping breath in and grip the book even tighter. He puts his fingers to his lips, shakes his head in warning and points to the ‘Silence please’ sign.

The egg vibe, which has been on a moderately low setting for the past few moments, suddenly increases in speed. I bite my lip to keep from crying out and close my eyes. The sensations are intense. It’s difficult to concentrate… the smell of the library: old books and last minute exam panic … the remote vibe secreted away in my pussy, sending shockwaves from my arsehole to my clit – and the knowledge that the he is right there watching me, waiting for me to give up this battle and just come loudly in the middle of the classics section.

The remote vibe secreted away in my pussy, sending shockwaves from my arsehole to my clit

I can feel my juices, slippery between my lips, and have visions of a sticky puddle being left on the bottom of my chair. I fight to keep sitting perfectly, silently still. The vibe is abruptly switched off. I am aching for more and feel suddenly quite lost. I concentrate on my breathing, just as he taught me and slowly start to bring my brain back to my body.

I look up at him now. He is smiling broadly – enjoying my continued discomfort – but also proud of my silence and self-control. I can see the heat in his eyes. It holds the promise of more. But I can’t stop myself. I lean forward and with my legs apart push myself against the hard seat of the chair so that there’s more pressure against my pussy hole. I know shouldn’t be moving. I hope he doesn’t notice … but I’m throbbing bad.

I hear him clear his throat.


Just then Claire walks into the library. ‘Hey Beth,’ she whispers, grinning. ‘In the library again!? You’re gonna ace these exams with the amount of studying you’re doing! God. I wish I had your discipline!’ She drops off some books I asked for, does a little curtsey and is gone again.

I could barely make eye contact with her and now that she’s gone, I look up to see the librarian wink and put the small black remote into his pocket.

– Faith Bishop

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