Erotica#1 :: What I Like To Do To Mr Guerre by Lady Cheeky

(Just a note from me: Martin is one lucky mutherfucker.)


Taking my right hand saturated in my pussy juice, I firmly hold your taut shaft
My left hand plays with your gorgeous balls.
Mmmmm it tastes good Martin. I love how your cock tastes.

I’m stroking your shaft and massaging your balls between my fingers
every now and then I dip my head down to quickly lick up your pre cum
so as not to waste a drop of your divine elixir
my middle finger on my left hand grazes your anus, teasing it
seeing your body flinch and twist with my touch excites me
so I continue, as I stroke your glistening, hard dick faster

Intermittently, I add the extra compliment of my mouth
soft and warm on your crown, enveloping your manhood
accepting it
using my hand in motion to extend the pleasure of my mouth
wet and smooth
my tongue washes over your tip on it’s way down my throat

Your cock can feel every taste bud, every ripple on my tongue
my left hand, after first wetting my fingers with my own cum, is on your taint now
and then working them in your ass, pressing against your prostate…
writhing and jerking … you know it feels too good
you can barely stand it

Moaning and moaning and moaning for me

I look up at you, now sucking on your cock harder
squeezing your shaft tighter
to approximate the tightness of my pussy

I moan as I take you in my mouth
your precum sliding out of your slit
my lips slurping it up
drinking it in as I thrust you in and out
teasing your cock with my tongue
sometimes running your tip across my smooth front teeth for a surprise of texture
wiggling my finger in your ass
you’re moaning louder now

I’m moaning loader now
because you fill me
and it tastes so good
you taste so good

I love your cock in my mouth more than anything
your dick is stunning and I want to devour it
my actions speak for themselves as I keep thrusting you deeply
back into my throat
moving my head side to side so you get all the sensations my mouth can provide
pursing my lips over my teeth
lapping at you as you enter
and sucking on you as you exit
getting firmer with my tension when your cock exits my mouth
so that your rim is “flicked” by my tight lips and then
thrusting you quickly back in
my mouth feels better than my tight pussy
this sensation is like no other for you
made better knowing that I’m thoroughly enjoying it

I’m sucking you off so feverishly
that you cannot believe this sensation possible
my left palm rubbing your balls
my left finger massaging and entering your anus
I can feel you want to cum

I can feel you about to explode

I want you to have a full body orgasm baby

Sucking on your cock moving it in and out
side to side
hitting the inside of my cheeks
taking you all the way in my mouth
until my lips touch the top of your balls
and then shaking my head
humming for you so you feel the vibration

I want you to cum for me Martin

I want you to shoot your load in my mouth
so I can feel it slide down my throat
Mmmm and when you cum
Shivering and shaking

I am drinking you
slurping your product down my throat
tasting your full masculine flavour
proudly lapping up your seed

Now moving to your thighs to
kiss away the remnants
not to waste





You dick is the stuff of dreams

– Lady Cheeky

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