Erotica#1 :: Morgan and the blindfold by Faith Bishop


The blindfold smells of vanilla. He chooses a scent for all his slaves and I got the aroma of cupcakes.

I am standing naked in the middle of large room. The soft white cotton rope is looped four times around each wrist and suspended above my head to a large eyehook, which has been rawl-bolted to the roof.

He’s careful to give me movement in my arms and, always the professional, to ensure enough rope around my wrists to not cause bruising but still give the sense of complete containment.

I breathe in deeply and feel my body respond to the scent and the firm hold of the rope ties.

‘Not “what”. What Sir, Morgan,’ he replies

My nipples harden. My breathing shallows. My pussy tightens… And the inner voice starts its endless loop: ‘You’re old to be sexy, too fat to be desirable, thighs too disgusting to be loved. I follow the voice into the pit…’

I start to feel foolish – more like a trussed up ham than delicious, vulnerable and wanton.

‘Tell me,’ he says.

‘What?’ I ask.

‘Not “what”. What Sir, Morgan,’ he replies.

‘Sorry,’ I mumble, feeling even more ridiculous. ‘What Sir?’

‘I’ve been watching you and something just went on in the mind of yours – tell me.’

‘Um…’ I stall for time. I’m naked, hanging…I squirm. But it’s no use lying. My body speaks to him as clearly as the voice in my head does to me.

‘I am feeling foolish sir.’

‘Why?’ he asks.

‘Because I’m too old for this. It’s ridiculous. I’m 38-year-old mom who has an interhouse swimming gala to watch in three hours time. I’m out of shape, need to lose 10 kgs and I have no idea what I am doing here,’ I tell him. I go for a brave this-is-how-it-is-and-I’m-totally-cool-with-it tone, but by the end it’s obvious I’m close to tears.

I feel him in front of me. His hands are on the back of my neck firm and strong. He moves them over my face and removes my blindfold so that I’m looking straight at him.

‘Morgan.’ I love how he says my name. His eyes are intense and he speaks. ‘You’re an incredible woman. You are fucking smart and one of the most capable people I have ever met. Your body holds you and that makes it sexy beyond measure. I have you here tied up in this room for no other reason than I want you. I want you – all your strong, smart competence wrapped up in this soft, voluptuous body. All of you – vulnerable, wet and open to me.’

The same thumb is on my clit in seconds, tracing slow circles

We kiss and I lose myself in it. His hands move down my body, caressing my breasts. He starts soft and then squeezes and pinches until I gasp in pleasure-pain.

‘Better,’ he says as he breaks our kiss and replaces the blindfold.

He sticks his thumb in my mouth saying ‘Suck’. I do. The same thumb is on my clit in seconds, tracing slow circles, as his mouth bites and tugs at my nipples.

I open my legs to give him more access to my cunt, aching to be filled. He laughs into my breast. ‘So soon girl? From midlife crisis to kitten in less than five minutes?’

‘This!’ he says with a ferocity I have not heard before. ‘This is why I choose you and this is why you are mine.’

Two fingers slip inside me. I collapse my weight against the ropes and allow gravity to direct his fingers exactly where I want them. A third finger slips in. I moan and move against his hand, my neck thrown back as I speak in a tongue long forgotten.

He bites my nipple hard.

The combination of clit, cunt and nipple pushes me over the edge. He grabs me round the waist as I buck and writhe on his hand, still moving expertly inside me. I come to the sounds of his encouragement. ‘Yes Morgan… Come for me girl… so beautiful… That’s it…’

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