Erotica#1 :: The nun and the handyman


The monastery walls were cold and silent as Sister Evangeline began her last walk around the grounds to check that all was quiet for the night before she could retire to her convent cell. The sounds of her footsteps were muffled under the long habit she wore. She stopped at the gate to the street and cracked open the grill. It was dark in the courtyard and the soft footsteps behind her went almost undetected. She was about to turn to continue her walk when a hand closed over her mouth, muffling the scream that started, but then fell silent as she recognised the scent of the person behind her.

It was Carlos, the only man allowed to be inside the convent. He tended the gardens and made the repairs necessary; he was the handyman authorised by the bishop and had a small cottage with a separate entrance at the bottom of the grounds.

Carlos held Eva hard, and she could feel his breath against her ear. She turned around in his arms and lifted her face to him, her habit falling back over her shoulders.

‘I thought you weren’t coming.’

‘How could I not come to you, Carlos?’

‘Shh, not so loud, we don’t want to be heard…’

They slipped away into the darker recesses of the convent and found the alcove in the garden Carlos had discovered one afternoon while doing his repairs around the grounds. No-one else knew about the hideaway. They stepped inside the hollowed out area and Carlos turned her around. He pulled her closer and lowered his mouth to hers, gently sucking her lower lip. It was too coy for her. She pushed her tongue into his, hungry, and reached her hand up to pull her head cloth free, dropping it on the bench.

He lifted the skirt up feeling for her soft buttocks, smiling as he realised she had nothing on underneath

His hands caressed and stroked her back and arms, his manhood large and throbbing between them. Eva felt it and ground her hips against him. She moaned lightly as their hands explored each other over the rough material of their clothes. Carlos found the hem of Eva’s habit and lifted the skirt up feeling for her soft buttocks, smiling as he realised she had nothing on underneath.

His hand found her pussy and he slipped a finger into the creases of her creamy wet fanny. Dropping onto his knees he threw her skirts over his back and pushed his face into her cunt, flicking her clit with his tongue. She twitched as he did this, battling to stay upright. She pulled at the buttons of her habit and loosened them, freeing her big, full breasts, kneading them and pulling at her hard, taut nipples.

‘I need you in my mouth’

She thought briefly about confessing her lustful ways the next day, but pushed the image out her mind as Carlos emerged from under her skirt and dropped his trousers, revealing his big member standing proudly to attention for her to play with it. Eva reached between her legs finger fucking herself and then took hold of his cock, lubing it up with her own wet. She worked her hands up and down the length of his shaft, sliding and squeezing as she went.

‘I need you in my mouth,’ she whispered, moving down to take his straining rod into her mouth. While she flicked her tongue over the cap, driving him deep inside her mouth, all the way down to his curly brown fur, she continued fingering her pussy, teasing herself to the edge of her first orgasm. She couldn’t hold back. The combination of Carlos in her mouth and her hand in her pussy made her so excited she was soon writhing in pleasure, trying to stifle her moaning as she came.

Carlos watched Eva orgasm and then lifted her into a standing position. He turned her around and pressed her forward against the rough stone wall, brushing his cock along her butt, nudging it between her legs and finding her pussy to impale. He plunged inside of her and began thrusting into her with gusto.

The desperation of her body and her tight little pussy working his cock the way it was brought him to climax

Fucking her hard, Carlos used his one hand to grab her around her throat, while his other worked at her clit. Eva pushed back into his thrusting and began to come again. The desperation of her body and her tight little pussy working his cock the way it was, brought him to climax. His body twitched and shuddered as he spurted his load into her.

Entirely spent, Carlos sunk down to the ground, his semi rigid cock still dripping juices. Eva got down and sucked him clean, licking and swallowing what was left of their sex on his cock. They heard the town bell strike in the distance.

‘I have to go.’

Eva dressed quickly, replacing her headdress easily as she was used to dressing in the dark. A quick kiss and then she slipped out of the alcove and back to her convent cell, all the while smiling, and wondering when the handyman would next slip her a little note with the words ‘gardening classes tonight’…

– The Brat