Erotica#1 :: The Airport

EROTICA_the airport

My hand slips over the unfamiliar bulge in my pants for the umpteenth time. Madness! I always meet someone I know at the airport, but it’s been weeks since I last saw Carla and she deserves a surprise. My hand is on its way back to my crotch, this time I pretend to smooth my jeans. I checked the harness straps in the mirror and I was sure they weren’t visible, but right now I’m sure everyone knows what’s going on in my pants.

 I can feel her in my cunt and she’s still 10m away

Her flight landed 10 minutes ago, I can’t sit still anymore. Then, the doors open and she struts through. Mick Jagger can learn about swagger from this woman. I can feel her in my cunt and she’s still 10m away. Her boots clicking on the airport floor, I catch more than one guy staring at her. But she’s coming straight at me.

Without a word we kiss hard. Her tongue finding mine, bodies pressing together. She pulls back, lifts an eyebrow and smiles her leeriest of smiles.


‘Yes, for you…’

Without another word she takes my hand and we walk to the closest bathroom. The door closes, her hand is on my belt buckle and tugging at my zip before I can properly turn to face her. She knows me well. She finds the condom in my pocket, straightens out my packing cock and slips the sleeve over. Her hand flicks between the harness and the base of the cock turning on the bullet vibe she knows is there.

I turn her around, lifting her skirt high around her hips. She’s wearing slinky black underwear. My fingers slip into her pussy. She’s dripping. I move her panties to the side, and push my cock all the way inside her. The bullet is changing speed just above my clit. My hands are under her shirt, I work them under her underwire bra, cupping her breasts in my hands. They fit perfectly. A hard twist pushes her back into me, deeper onto my dick.

My fingers are in, over her mouth. Stifling the moans

Her headphones are still looped around her neck. I can feel more than hear Goldfrapp’s Strict Machine. My hips find the rhythm and we melt together. I can feel she’s going to come. My fingers are in, over her mouth. Stifling the moans. I pull almost all the way out and slam back inside her. She loves it hard. Her head falls backward, it’s a bad angle, but our tongues meet and we come within moments of each other.

She slumps back into me, breathing heavily.

I whisper into her messy curls:

‘Welcome to Cape Town…’

– J. Conatus