Erotica#1 :: Leadership Camp by Faith Bishop


Dear Diary,

This leadership camp is boring the crap out of me. Emma’s sleeping and I’m using a torch to write this. The only thing that makes this all worthwhile is that Mr Jooste is here…

Wanna hear my new fantasy?


It’s late. It’s so hot and humid that I am lying on top of my sleeping bag wearing nothing by my panties and a t-shirt. There’s no air and I suddenly just have to get out of the sticky tent.

So I step out into the silent campsite and walk to the beach. The sea is so loud I feel as if the sound will suck me into the ocean. I find a bench and sit down and just listen.

I don’t hear him until he is almost next to me. ‘Lizzie,’ he says in a stern teacher tone. ‘You shouldn’t be out here all on your own in just those flimsy little panties. It’s not safe. What if someone found you?’

‘Well,’ I say brazenly. ‘You found me.’

Then he says: ‘Nobody likes slutty little girls Lizzie.’

My cheeks burn hot with embarrassment.

He sits next to me. My bare skin is right up against his denimed thigh. I can feel his warm leg through the fabric. I am struggling to breath, my nipples are hard and straining through my t-shirt and my pussy is giving off so much heat I can’t believe it isn’t glowing.

‘Do you know what I think?’ he asks. I shake my head but I’ve got about a million crazy images cross my mind.

‘I think you wanted someone to find you. Maybe… you even wanted it to be me.’

He turns towards me and places his hand just in front of my one boob so that, through the thin material of my vest, the tip of my nipple is touching the centre of his palm. He moves his hand in slow circles. It’s the lightest touch and it has me slowly arching my back towards him to increase the pressure.

He closes his hand and squeezed hard. I exhale sharply. ‘This is what you want isn’t it girl? This is what you hoped for.’

He moves to kneel in front of me puts his hand under my arse and pulls my pelvis forward so that I am perching on the edge of the seat. ‘Lean back,’ he says.

And I’m all exposed and wet and feeling like a real little slut all out in there in the open

As I lean back he roughly pushes my knees apart and moves my panties to one side so that they are now pulling, almost painfully up my ass. He is now still, looking at my pussy. And I’m all exposed and wet and feeling like a real little slut all out in there in the open waiting to be had. Wanting it so bad… throbbing

I start to shiver slightly cos he’s looking at me so intensely. Then he opens his mouth and licks my cunt, like a large dog, all the way from what feels like my asshole to my clit. It’s slow and deliberate and I’m whimpering.

‘Mmmmm. Like a lemon pie. Sharp, sweet and citrus,’ he says.

He goes down on me again. This time pushing his tongue deep inside me. My hands grip the side of the bench as I push my pussy into his face, asking for more.

He moves to my clit while pushing two, maybe three fingers, inside me (how many can you fit inside a pussy?). He starts to lightly lick and suck my clit, but before long he’s be sucking so hard I find myself crying out ‘no… too… much…’

‘I will tell you when it’s too much girl,’ he’ll growl.

The stingy swat make my eyes water and then is tongue is back – soft and hot and wet

Then his fingers find that spot inside me and he starts working into me, all fingers and tongue. I am just clit and cunt. My legs open wide and rubbing my pussy into his face.

He’s sucking at my pussy lips – pulling and tugging like he’s going to tear them right off. Then back to my clit. He pulls his face and hand away and then slaps my pussy hard. The stingy swat make my eyes water and then is tongue is back – soft and hot and wet.

When I orgasm he’s right there lapping up the juices like big hungry dog. My hands are on his head, knotted into his hair. My legs are around his back and I pull hard as If I want his whole head sucked into my pussy. I think I might want to try his penis.

But then he pulls away. Moves my panties back, wipes his face on my t-shirt and stands up.

‘I think its time I took you back to your tent Lizzie.’


God I would fucking die a thousand deaths. Now I need to wank so bad and fucking Emma’s here. Maybe I’ll try the bathroom. Later.

– Faith Bishop