Erotica#1 :: The Tailor by Sparky

Lee Sanders meets a woman who will give him the time – and surprise – of his life…

EROTICA the tailor

Oh, damn.
I pulled my arm out of my Italian wool suit jacket and examined the rip in the fabric. One of the seams under the right arm had split, opening up a huge hole my little travel sewing kit wouldn’t be able to patch.
‘Hello? Front desk?’ I asked, picking up the receiver on the bedside phone. ‘This is Mr. Sanders in Room 573. Do you offer tailoring services here? I’ve unfortunately got a nasty tear on my suit coat.’
‘I’m sorry to hear that, sir, but we don’t have a tailor on staff.’
‘Do you know of somebody in the area who might be able to do an emergency repair? I must have this for a meeting this afternoon, I can’t be late.’
I heard her fumbling through some papers. ‘I’ve got a name here for a tailor over on Fifth, might be able to help you. We’ve sent guests over before, might be worth a shot?’
‘That would be wonderful, thank you, I’ll be down shortly for directions.’
The receptionist at the front desk gave me the address and told me how to get there. I found the building easily enough – 415 South Fifth. I buzzed the door and it clicked open.
‘Hello?’ I asked, walking into the shop. It was a small place, one of those old-timey shops where you had the feeling the proprietor lived in the apartment upstairs and ran things out of the lower level. I half expected to have seen an old lady, her hair in curlers, running the wash through an upstairs window on a line between buildings.

She was maybe about 25, with long legs, shoulder-length red hair, ample breasts, dressed demurely in tan pants and a white blouse that had a little lace ruffle at the top

‘Hello, is anyone here?’
‘Just a minute,’ came a response from a back room.
English accent, I thought, maybe Irish. Pretty, girlish voice. I sat on one of the chairs in the front room, hoping I was in the right place. A redheaded woman ducked her head out a room down the hallway, then back in.
‘Sorry, just a bit longer.’
I fidgeted with my suit jacket. Finally I heard footsteps again, and the woman walked out of the room and down the hall towards me. She was maybe about 25, with long legs, shoulder-length red hair, ample breasts, dressed demurely in tan pants and a white blouse that had a little lace ruffle at the top. Very pretty girl, I thought. I MUST be in the wrong place.
‘Hello. May I help you?’ she asked, smiling, her hands clasped together.
‘Yes, I’m looking for Marcus? I’m looking for a tailor… do forgive me if I’ve stumbled into the wrong shop.’
‘No, quite the opposite, but I’m afraid Marcus is out of town for the week.’ She extended her hand. ‘I’m Julia. You’re…?’
‘Lee. Lee Sanders. A pleasure, Julia.’ I said and shaking her hand. ‘I suppose, then, I’ll need to seek the assistance of another shop.’
‘Wait a moment. What’ve you got? I’m sure I can take care of it.’
I handed her the coat, noticing how pretty her eyes were. They were a deep green with flecks of gold and a little bit of chocolate brown.
‘I can fix this. I just have to make sure I have the right threads. This is a specific wool we don’t use much. You’ve ripped this right up… you he-man, you,’ she said, giggling and squeezing my bicep. She lingered there for a couple seconds. Her fingers were warm and soft and she blushed slightly before tearing off into another room.
She returned with two spools of thread clutched in her hand and dropped into a side chair by a sewing machine. I walked over to observe and stood slightly behind her chair as she turned the coat inside out. She worked quickly and masterfully – she obviously knew what she was doing. And from where I stood, I also had a good view of her cleavage. Her milky white skin was lightly freckled on top of her breasts, held closely together in the blouse by a nude-colored bra. Her neck was the same color, and I suddenly longed to touch her, to run my hand along her soft cheek, to smell her hair. I felt a twinge in my pants as my cock began to stir.

Julia’s concentration was broken and she turned her head to look at me. Her face was inches from my erect penis.

Julia continued to work, gently removing the lining from the affected area of the suit coat, apparently oblivious to me. She crossed and uncrossed her legs; it was as if her entire body was involved in her task. She took some thread and raised it to her eye, squinted, extended her tongue and licked the end of it. Her tongue was a deep rose red, and I could only wish that it was the head of my cock she was licking. Involuntarily, I let out a slight moan.
Julia’s concentration was broken and she turned her head to look at me. Her face was inches from my erect penis.
‘Oh. My.’ she said, bringing her hand up to her lips. ‘Is, uh… is that for me?’
I gulped. ‘Uh… I, I’m sorry…’
Julia turned towards me, giving me an even better view of her breasts. ‘Don’t be sorry, Lee. I’m used to men paying, uh…. undue attention.’ She gave me a half-smile and shifted in her chair, uncrossing her legs again.
‘I really should sit down so you can finish your work,’ I said quietly, embarrassed. I was surprised when she stood up.
‘I think that can wait,’ she said, and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her lips hovered an inch from mine, parted slightly. She body pressed into mine and the kiss happened naturally. I wrapped my arms around her waist and drew her closer to me. She raised up on her tiptoes but couldn’t stay there very long. I picked her up and held her in my arms. She giggled.

‘Put me down Lee,’ she whispered into my ear. ‘I want to suck your cock.’

‘Ooh! You are strong, aren’t you,’ she cooed and kissed me again. I turned my attention to nuzzling her neck and her ears. She gasped as I nibbled her earlobe and planted soft, delicate kisses in a line down her neck to the collar of her blouse.
‘Put me down Lee,’ she whispered into my ear. ‘I want to suck your cock.’
I did as she asked, and she wasted no time undoing my belt and the zipper on my pants. She pulled my pants down to my ankles and put her hands on my hips, running her fingers up and down the length of my silk boxer shorts.
‘Silk. Very nice. These look lovely on you,’ she said. Her eyes were wider as she looked at my cock pressing against the thin fabric. ‘But I think they’ll look better down.’
She carefully slid them down to avoid snapping the elastic against my cock. My tool sprung free, stayed horizontal for a moment, then curved slightly upward. Julia licked her lips.
‘Oh, it’s beautiful!’
‘Thanks, I guess.’ I said. I’d had girls remark on how big my cock was before, but no one had ever called it ‘beautiful’. I wasn’t sure how to respond, but when she placed her hand on it, it twitched and I gasped. Her long, slender fingers wanked my shaft, sliding up over the head and playing with my pre-cum. She laughed and licked it from her fingers. ‘Mmm, now let’s see how the rest of you tastes.’
She took the head of my cock into her mouth, running her tongue along the underside of it. I thrust my hips forward, eager to feel more of her warm mouth on my shaft. She made a surprised noise, and then matched my rhythm. I could feel the head nearing her throat and was disappointed when she pulled back. A strand of spit stretched between my cock and her mouth. She wiped her mouth and looked at me in amazement. I guessed I was bigger than the last lover she’d had and I’d caught her unawares.

I put my hand on the back of her head and began to fuck her mouth

‘Is that how you like it? Like to ram that thick tool down a girl’s throat, do you?’ Julia said, stroking me. ‘Well, let’s have it then, come on.’
Julia put my cock back in her mouth, stretching her jaw, slowly forcing more of me into and down her throat. I groaned with pleasure, I liked it harder than that. I put my hand on the back of her head and began to fuck her mouth, driving more of my thick cock between her pretty lips. She fought the impulse to gag and made slurping noises as a mixture of drool and pre-cum ran out of her mouth and down her chin. One of Julia’s hands pulled at the root of my cock and around my balls. Her other hand was down her own pants, playing with herself. As divine as this was, I had a hunch her jaw was getting tired and her pussy would feel even better. I pulled out of her mouth and pulled at her pants.
She wore white hipster panties, a significant wet spot shining in the middle of them. She smiled, still stroking my cock.
‘You look good,’ I growled.
‘I would look better with your cock inside me,’ she said, pulling her blouse over her head and unsnapping her bra. She was completely naked now, and she reached out, grabbing my ass cheeks. ‘Fuck me, Lee, fuck my tight little pussy.’
I picked her up and sat her on the table, stepping back a moment to let my eyes devour the beautiful nymph in front of me, her hair tousled, her breasts, her little pussy lips the same colour as her tongue. She looked delicious. I was throbbing, aching to be inside her. I reached down and pulled her legs apart wide enough for my hips to fit between them. She bit her lower lip, and threw her head back.

Her nipples were engorged and she pinched at her nipples

‘Oh, god, please fuck me,’ Julia begged. Her nipples were engorged and she pinched at her nipples, her right hand grabbing onto my cock. ‘Do you know how long it’s been since I had a man?’
Even if it hadn’t been six months since I’d been laid, I would have needed no other encouragement. Julia took my cock in hand again and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy and I pressed it into her, the mushroom-shaped head easily slipping inside her soft folds. She was incredibly tight, though, and she winced as my girth began pushing inside her. I gave her a minute or two to adjust, and when her breathing slowed and she began to rock her hips, I began to pump in and out of her.
‘Oh, fuck, Lee. Ohhh, yes, fuck me. That feels sooo good… ohh…’
‘Julia, my god, your pussy feels fantastic!’ I moaned, leaning into her. My cock pushed deeper into her, almost as if it was sucking me in. I could feel her hips shifting on the table and I grabbed her ass, burying myself further inside with each thrust. Her eyes rolled back in her head, she groaned loudly, her mouth open.

‘No. I said fuck me.’

‘You like that, Julia?’ I asked. ‘You like having my thick cock in your pussy?’
‘Yes, Lee. Fuck me. Oh, god, fuck my tight little cunt,’ she egged me on.
I slowly slid my cock in and out of her. She inhaled and exhaled sharply through her nose, then opened her eyes and stared directly at me. The look in her eyes was pure, unadulterated, cock-slut lust.
‘No. I said fuck me.’
With that, I pulled my cock out until the head was just barely inside her, and drove myself in to the hilt, hard. She groaned.
‘Yes!’ she moaned.
I slid out and then in again, faster. Then once more.
‘AAH! Fuck, yeah. Bang me, bang your little slut, I’m your little fucking cock-slut, Lee,’ she spat, her eyes fully open, staring at me as my chest bounced against her magnificent tits.
I drove my cock into her tight little quim over and over, the little red curls on her pubic mound bouncing with each thrust. Julia was pinching her nipples.
‘Fuck yeah, oh, god, fuck me, yesss… oh, god, yes, fuck my tight little hole with that big cock! Aah! Fuck me! Fuck me!’ she cried, the sounds of wanton fucking filling the shop.

I wanted to do this forever, but deep inside I could feel my balls welling up

‘Oh, god, Julia, I love fucking your pussy, I love fucking your tight little cunt, you’re so hot…’ I moaned. I wanted to do this forever, but deep inside I could feel my balls welling up, full of sperm, waiting for the right moment to explode inside her.
She was waiting for it too. ‘Fuck, Lee, I need your cum inside me,’ she gasped, her fingers rubbing her clit. ‘I need your fucking load, come on, shoot it deep in my pussy. Ohh, god.’
‘Are you… ohh, fuck… are you on the pill, Julia?’
She leaned up and whispered in my ear. ‘Not a fucking chance.’
Oh, shit. I have to pull out, I told myself. I have to pull out, can’t get this cute little 25-year-old pregnant in her father’s workshop… But I didn’t. I couldn’t. Her pussy was too tight, too wet, and we were both nearing the edge. I slammed my cock into her cunt hard, driving it in and out like a jackhammer, feeling the head of my cock hitting her cervix. The table squeaked and I put my hands underneath her to keep her from falling. She squealed as her orgasm washed over her.
‘FUCK! Fucking come inside me! Yes!’
Her pussy began to spasm, squeezing my cock like a vice, drawing it deep inside her. Under that pressure, I had no choice. I grabbed her hips, pulled her as far as I could onto my cock, and groaned as I exploded inside her.

I looked down and saw her little dark pink lips, flushed with the pounding they had just taken

I felt spurt after spurt of my hot seed filling her tight pussy, coating her inside walls and sliding down the shaft of my cock as she kept squeezing me, rocking back and forth on my cock, milking me for every drop in my balls. Finally her entire body went limp, including her pussy, and I was glad I had hold of her because she would have fallen. She wrapped her arms around me and nestled her messy red head into my chest. I had never taken off my shirt and it was absolutely soaked with sweat.
‘Fuck. That was amazing,’ she said under her breath, a satisfied smile on her face. ‘God, you’re just… oh.’
I smiled, sweat pouring off my brow, still holding her in my arms. ‘Julia, you’re the one who’s amazing.’
My cock slipped out of her pussy and I looked down and saw her little dark pink lips, flushed with the pounding they had just taken, still quivering. My cum dripped out of her well-fucked pussy and puddled on the sewing table and the floor.
‘Your, uh… your coat,’ she said, reality beginning to take hold of her senses again. ‘I should finish your coat.’
She pulled away and went to the bathroom. When she came back and slipped into her panties and her pants, but not her shirt. I took that as a cue to dress myself. I stood behind her again, rubbing her shoulders as she sewed and hummed to herself. Finally she tied off the last stitch and smiled.

Consider this one… on the house,’ she said

‘It’s a masterpiece,’ she said, holding it up between me and her luscious tits. I slipped into it.
‘Juila, your father should retire. I think you’re a master seamstress in your own right,’ I said, beaming.
‘Thank you,’ she said.
‘How much do I owe you?’ I asked.
‘Consider this one… on the house,’ she said. I kissed her, deeply. Her hand ran gently down my chest.
‘Did you not say you were in a hurry?’ she asked.
I looked at my watch. I had to be downtown for a meeting in thirty minutes.
‘Oh, shit,’ I said.
‘You should go,’ she said, wistfully.
‘Can I come see you after work?’
‘Come see me tomorrow afternoon if you can. Father will be out doing deliveries.’
I kissed her again and gathered my things, darting out the door. I saw her face pressed up against the window as I walked briskly back down the street to go get my rental car.
The next afternoon, just as agreed, I went back to the shop. I buzzed at the door, and just as it had the day before, it clicked open.
‘Hello? Julia?’ I asked.
An old man walked out of the back hallway, from the same room where Julia and I had madly fucked not twenty-four hours before. He was maybe 60 years old, with crinkled grey hair and a thick beard.
‘Are you Marcus?’ I asked.
‘I am,’ the old man responded. ‘Can I help you?’
‘I came to see Julia,’ I said. ‘She helped me with a mend yesterday and I came by to thank her before I left.’
‘Julia? She’s not here son,’ he said sadly. ‘I don’t know what you’re on about. I did have a daughter Julia, a beautiful redhead as you say… but she died two years ago.’
He turned to look down the hallway. ‘She was a wonderful girl. Very kind, very caring… Green eyes the color of jade. Smart as a whip. Learned everything her pa taught her. I told her some day she’d take over the shop.’
I did my best to pick up my jaw off the floor.
‘Sometimes when I’m lonely, I can still feel her here,’ he said.
A cool breeze blew through the shop.

– Sparky

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