Erotica#1 :: The Apartment, by Faith Bishop


She knocks and takes off her shoes, standing with her back to the door as she has been instructed. The door opens and a blindfold is placed over her eyes. Her shoes and bag are taken from her. Strong hands are placed on her shoulders and she is guided, awkwardly walking backwards, into the apartment.

Her mind starts to wonder, as it does when she is nervous, and she starts to consider when ‘flats’ become ‘apartments’ … What is the difference between a flat and an apartment? Location? Size? Probably about 500k she decides…

The hands then move round her stomach as he embraces her, pulling her into his body. He lightly kisses the side of her neck. He smells so good. ‘Its good to see you,’ he says. She feels his hot breath on her skin and she comes alive – it’s like the first rush of MDMA – all endorphins and expectation.

‘I am starting today by using my cock to push all those thoughts from your head’

‘Now kneel,’ he says. She realises he is completely naked and already hard. She kneels and he takes her face in his hands and guides her to his cock. She licks the velvety head, sucking it in to her mouth. She relaxes and takes as much of him as she can while running her tongue under his cock and applying upward pressure. She knows he likes this and loves his soft groan, the feel of his hands becoming fists in her hair and the slight shift of his weight as he pushes further into her mouth.

‘I am starting today by using my cock to push all those thoughts from your head,’ he says and she can hear his smile. He knows her so well. She pulls away and smirks. ‘Oh, so this is all for me right?’

‘Right,’ he says, still with a smile in his voice but he firmly moves her back to his cock. She puts both her hands around the base as he starts to pump into her. ‘Now, for your own good, concentrate on nothing but my cock in your mouth. Imagine me coming. Picture swallowing my cum as I spasm into your mouth. Imagine the taste and the texture and imagine my pleasure.’

She groans, wanting so much for him to cum in her mouth.

He stops suddenly and pulls his cock away. She is bereft.

‘Stand up,’ he says. ‘Now that you are fully present we can continue.’  Bending her over a table he removes her jeans and panties but leaves them around her ankles. She feels exposed, and slightly ridiculous. Rubbing his hand across her left bum cheek he says, ‘This is for making me work so hard to get you present.’

He spanks her with his open hand – first one cheek, and then the other and then repeats. She breathes in sharply and feels hot tears forming. He is talking to her but she can’t make out the words – she is completely focused on his hands, on her ass, and the anticipation of the next smack.

She is lost between the sting of her ass and the pleasure of his hand

It’s too much. She wants to last. She wants to be able to take everything he has to give but it’s too much. She squeals out ‘red!’ and he immediately stops. He moves behind her and bends over, putting all his weight onto her. It’s comforting and as he kisses her head and tells her she is a good girl she calms down.

He shifts his weight and his hand finds her slit. God she wants this. She’s wanted this since she knocked on the door. She is wet and she knows her pussy is puffy and full with arousal. He pushes into her roughly and she contracts against his fingers. He is driving into her while massaging her clitoris. She is lost between the sting of her ass, the pleasure of his hands, the feeling of his hard cock against her thigh and slowly there is nothing but the building pleasure of the moment.

‘Feel your cunt,’ he says. ‘Good girl.’ His encouragement is the final piece and she releases completely – with her voice, her muscles and startlingly, with her fluids. She feels hot liquid run down her legs.

‘Nice,’ he laughs. He bends down and slowly licks her thigh, taking in her juices.

He then rolls her over, removes the blindfold and kisses her deep and slow. ‘Happy Valentines Day wife.’

–  Faith Bishop

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