Ask Dot :: Some advice on how to make masturbation more interesting

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Hi Dot. I haven’t had sex in TWO years. In fact, I haven’t had GOOD sex in SIX years. I don’t really see myself meeting anyone anytime soon, but I am SO bored with how I masturbate. What can I do to spice up sex with myself?


I really love talking about this shit. POWER TO THE PUSSY LOVE (or, you know, penis love etc…)

And then there’s the chat I had with Jen Senasie from about Masturbation Month checkit >> (VIDEO) .

Here are some super handy resources for your further edification in the matter at hand…

And then this still does my head in.

Casting Me illustrative guide to fucking with a fleshlight 3

Illustrations made for The Dot Spot explaining a wank technique in the local indie movie Casting Me. Check out more: Solo Sex Tips for Boys [clickety click]

Anyhow darlings.
sleep tight and sweet dreams.