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This has been on repeat play for the last two days. simply cannot get enough. i think i’ve posted the soundcloud link to G+ about a million times (ok, two) and the rest of the album is freakin magical.

I think what i love about ‘nightcall’ the most is that it reminds me of driving at night – driving at night for the sole purpose of thinking and feeling. driving to be alone in a bubble of dark and sound, driving to feel like you’re going somewhere when your heart and mind cannot … reminds me of the new lyrics from coldplay’s ‘always in my head‘ from ghost stories: My body moves, Goes where I will, But though I try my heart stays still.

my housemate is convinced i’m permanently sad cos my music choice lately has been a little somber.

oh well. he hates practically everything i like anyway. honestly, for the first time in my life, i feel like i have an older brother.

*presses ‘repeat’*

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