Ask Dot :: Help! I’m comparing my performance with her ex!

apples and orangesMy girlfriend has only had sex with three men, including me, I have no reason to doubt her about that. Recently it came up in conversation that her first boyfriend was “very gifted” when it came to sex. She says that she is perfectly satisfied with my performance but the comment has left a bitter taste of envy and anger behind.  I know it’s unrealistic to think that i would be the best she’s ever had etc, but I don’t want her to forever feel as though she’s missing out and I somehow feel less of a man. The worst part is that I feel she has a hard time telling me what she likes in bed, so I don’t know what i can do to improve! Should i just let it go, should i try and learn better techniques on my own, or should i try my best to find out what she likes?