What’s up little plum faces?

pooh bear

listen. so i’m not fucking around no more when i say there are Developments. Developments of which I can not yet speak, but which are nevertheless In The Pipeline.

meanwhile, the fact is i’ve just been so busy bread-and-butter writing that i’ve not been able to have a chat here with you for ages. actually, do you know a question that people ask me a lot is: ‘how do you make money?’ girl can’t lie around wanking all day and make a living right? well, actually you can. but that’s not the business i’m in, even though people still confuse me for the hungarian blondie.


i write. i write a lot of articles and people pay me money for this. it’s how most freelance writers make their money. i just write stuff about love and sex.

also, this new love business with the new mr man is blowing my mind a bit. after years of splashing about in puddles and dating weirdos, i’ve met a dude that is pretty much rocking my little world right now. this thing that i’m experiencing is pretty much like the universe giving me my cookie and patting me on the head for never settling for ‘might as well’ … and it’s lovely.

ALSO, it’s proof that all this advice i’ve been dishing out for years really does work. ha ha. now you and i both know.

ha ha. jokes, guys. jokes.

side eye