Postsecret pic of the week :: Dirty priests


i’m not so sure how to feel about this. i’m like, yeah that’s crap and people who’ve been ordained into that religion should stop being such crazy hypocrites. but, what? is it really a surprise that the same stranger who asked you for a blowjob is the same stranger that doesn’t want to absolve you of your co-created ‘sin’?

why is it something he should be repentant about? or why should he show remorse? because he’s a priest?

hell, man. some doctors smoke and drink and knock back pills, some parents say they love you while beating the shit out you, some religions claim holiness while killing … why should priest be exempt from being shitty humans?

actually, while i’m here, why are you so full of remorse?

it’s funny how we try to manage our guilt and make it someone else’s problem ne?

i dunno. this is just all kinds of all over the place.

hope your sunday is lovely my plums.

always yours,