Busy, busy little bee


right now, rome is giving me the big mf thumbs up

i’m just going to quit complaining how manic busy everything is, and just be thankful for the awesome doors that are opening. but jirre vok this year has been wild.

so. turns out i’m writing stuff for screen now. how’s them bag of apples? BAG. between writing magazine stuff and getting through the book, i’m getting hollywood up in here. soon i’ll be all up in tarantino’s grill like…


ha. one can dream.

anyway, it has got me thinking about this talk i went to see at the dreaded FLF this year (where at i had an amazing time, it must be said) with sarah waters, belinda bauer and romain puertolas. they were chatting about genre and whether authors found themselves trapped by the genre they found themselves in – usually because their publisher or the marketers or the book stores needed to brand them as something as suddenly they’re a ‘thriller writer’ or a ‘sci-fi writer’ or a whatever whatever.

it’s all very interesting and they move into names and how different pen names work for different authors so that they can cross over genres. belinda mentioned that she was writing under a male pen name since in terms of thrillers, a male author still played better with readers and was better for sales.

interesting hey?

i’ve been thinking a lot about my own pen name recently and what this means for future writings. i currently write under at least five different pen names. that’s a lot of playing.

but you know what it’s essentially taught me? how differently people respond to you if they think you’re ‘a nobody’ and how terribly people bracket your capacity if they think you’re ‘just’ a sex writer.


there’s a story there. but this will have to do for now since i’m being rushed off to some talk.

love you madly always