D-day is fast approaching


D-day as in Dotspot-Day. Not the horrific massacre of people on 6 june 1944 for the sake of the free world.

nope. Dotspot-Day. on the 9 november my manuscript, The Dot Spot: Adventures in Love and Sex by Dorothy Black, will be emailed to my editor and publisher and then i will quietly weep for a few hours before heading off for a belated birthday celebration somewhere Mr T has organised.

i’m not going to say writing is hard. it’s not difficult for me. i’m not one of those writers who thinks writing is some sort of torture. i’m far too lazy and hedonistic for that. but it is very, very challenging. very challenging. demanding. yes. consuming. definitely.

the past few months it has demanded all of my time. it has consumed all my thoughts so that i have about a 10-minute sex window in which i am not turning what is happening into work.

ah, yeah hmm soo …

oh that feels good



hmm then let me do a little more of th–

wait. oh wait. hon… hon? *tap tap*


just. let…me.. just i had a thought for the chapter on this thing right here…


yeah imma just qui–


just quickly…

That’s been pretty much me for weeks now. unbearable. but deadline. and regardless, i’m hooked. like any good drug, there is a high and i can feel it building and i’m looking forward to the rush – but like any good addict i know there is going to be an end and an empty space in my time that will need to be satiated again. i told my publisher that and she was thrilled. ‘good!’ she said, ‘let’s get the next book on the go.’

still. i am looking forward to getting some of my life back to normal. like my site and the podcasts and regular chats.