A long walk down memory lane

I’m a week away from hand-in and i wasn’t planning on writing a post until i had a moment to breathe. but i was listening to my daily dose of power song and after it was done youtube flipped me onto tove lo’s habit. 

fuck me it was like watching a video of my life when i came back to sa. between 2006 and 2011, this video was basically my life.

it’s weird doing what i do – and writing a tome about it – that i have to remember and talk about all (or at least some) of the people and events that formed my ideas and shaped some of my story about getting here. shit that’s ancient history, you know?

i’ve renamed ‘the golden boy’ jansen in my book. i talk a (very) little bit about him, but when i talk about being messed up by our break up and coming back home, well, i was messed up. i think all my life’s messed-up-ed-ness just caught up with me then.

this video reminded me so much of that time, i just had to post it.

strangely, i sometimes miss being this lost.

all my loves

ooo – postscript. found the original.