Writing about writing, Kinkly Top 2015 and Postsecret…

So i know that this is possibly the most ridiculous time of year to kick off the blogging again, but a girl’s gotta start somewhere right? I thought I’d give you a little quick ‘catch-up’ of the last week or so.

writing about writing

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 11.07.02 PMI wrote a short columny thing for brightrock about writing a first book. i think many (most?) people are born storytellers, there are just some who choose, push through, luck out, fall into, work their arses off, or stumble upon (sometimes all of the above) actually finishing and publishing stuff – whether by themselves or a publishing house. if you’re feeling like one of those people you might like this post. Read it here [clickety click] …

WOW. just clicked the link to make sure it was good and found a comment on the column by a dude about my ‘luck’ of being published. i’ve responded to him. if you’re wanting to write or looking to get published please take the time to read both his and my comment.

Kinkly Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2015

kinklywell, considering my blogging has been up to such shit this year it was a surprise to be on the list. though, it probably has more to do with me being signed up to their network than for actual merit. BUT I’LL FUCKING TAKE IT ANYWAY since i ain’t winning no awards here down in the sand pit.

what i do love about these lists though, is that they are a good compilation of sites, writers, bloggers and sex educators who are doing god’s work in the important field of waking people up to all the messy human stuff mainstream media thinks is to icky to deal with. sex. ew. gross. check out the great peeps here (me at number 22) [clickety click]

and then…

Postsecret pic of the week

4-rosieyeeeeaaah. you’re probably doing it wrong.

love and tugs