Good times at The Dot Spot launch

Launch header

well i had the godsdamned best bloody time with my very first book launch i have to say.

i’ve just skimmed all these photos from some peeps who were there. sorry friends, but i am more a ‘let’s be in the moment’ kinda gal than a ‘let’s be in the moment with a selfie stick’ kinda chick. which i am sorry for now actually, because i’ve realised i didn’t take nearly enough selfies with my mates, readers and man on this most wonderful of wonderful nights.

the event was held at issi on bree and let me just say WOW MALCOLM AND HIS TEAM ARE GODDAMN AMAZING. i didn’t even get a selfie with malcolm. i suck.

also i was very fortunate to have two wonderful dancers – strawberry sunday and jezzybelle – from the rougettes (you really do want to click those links) put on a small show for us. also the lovely vita nova stepped in to kitten and help our jon keevy from alexander bar set up the lights.

thanks to the talented tara notcutt for arranging all the decor goodies (she has a current show on at alexander bar, sassy dance) and my wonderful friends at the black sheep for the delicious spread.

it was such an amazing night for me and i am so grateful for the wonderful people in my life who added to the general awesomeness of the feels. and it was bloody great to meet some readers who i’ve ‘known’ in the social sense for years.

and it was pretty rad that people bought books! and i signed them like an actual author. well. no. not like an actual author. there was probably too much scribbling for that. but it was a fair approximation of playing author and i hope i get to practice the look a little more.

ALSO MY PLAYLIST WAS THE BEST. seriously. i was so impressed with myself.

but, just before i end this day off and go sleep my sleep, it has to be said: my dear mr t? you’re the best of all.

kisses and butt pats,

*ps i have also been told that my book was ACTUALLY ON A TABLE at wordsworth in sea point. i suspect the manoeuverings of a friend, but i’ll take all the help i can get and choose to see it as a step in the right direction of general welcome into the playground and out of the naughty corner. (more on what that’s about here)

plums i got my pics from: THANK YOU >> @TaineMcLean, @drizzleanddip@emmadupreez@Elana_Bailey@anib@sukilock@andrevr and @jodi_jezzy … those i remember. if you see your photo here and i haven’t credited in some way please let me know – and if you have any great pics please email me since i don’t have any of my own. grrr.