A new podcast about love, sex and everything in between

A few years back I attempted to do a podcast. It was called ‘Dinner at Eight‘ (a title I fucking LOVED by the way) and it was a way for readers to listen in to the types of conversations that sparked off many of my columns.

You can still listen to them here.

BUT, and it was a big BUT, as much as I loved chatting and the format, I fucking HATED the tech side of it. I knew how I wanted it to sound, but I was fuckingfuckingfahkaking SHIT at the tech.

Here is a rough approximation of how video and sound editing makes me feel…

Which is just slightly ahead of Excel.

So I stopped trying to make it happen because I love living and didn’t want to die of a stress-induced stroke.

It’s largely why I can’t be arsed to do video sex toy reviews anymore. EDITING KILLED MY SOUL PEOPLE. DEAD. (And please. All of you who are “you should just”-ing me in your head: I TRIED EVERYTHING AND I HATED IT ALL.)


Life decided a podcast was still a good idea, the stars aligned, the right connections were made and earlier this year I found myself teaming up with Marie Claire SA in collaboration with Desir (who are fab for more than just coming to the party on this podcast and I’ll explain more about that in another post) to produce, what I think, is a really great sex podcast.

you’ll be seeing quite a bit of this over the next two months

Most importantly, apart from it being a pretty rad opportunity to share the conversations I have with some of the most amazing people in the industry from across the globe, I don’t have to die in the process.

Dan Dewes and Jonathan Ancer are making sure that I don’t kill myself by being the best podcasting people ever. They’re the reason everything sounds as good as it does and I have found myself gobsmacked at how Dan whizzes over that computer soundboard tech thingy that splices everything together like a mad genius who is also very chill.

me watching dan do editing things. it’s nice not to die inside.

There will be four episodes with MC and Desir, and if it all goes according to awesomeness, I’ll look at doing some more.

So here’s the first one pretty plums. I’m doing a separate post about each particular podcast, so I’ll be loading that with all the relevant links to this cast later this week. In the meantime, give it a listen and do take advantage of the little gift at the end. It really is amazing. Subscribe here.