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Ask Dot :: Hello. I can’t get over my ex.


Hello, There’s this guy I haven’t seen in years. I’ve been trying to call him to go over everything. They say that time’s supposed […]

Ask Dot :: I want to get pegged, do I ask a transgender girl to help out?

For everyone who would like to wag a finger at this question: unless i find someone’s ignorance purposefully offensive, i’m going to assume honest naivety. especially […]

Ask Dot :: When it comes to one night stands…

when i do some Q&A talks with groups (all women, so far), i usually hand out some little cards and pens and ask […]

Ask Dot :: Can I trust her after she cheated

I recently found out that my long-term girlfriend and my best friend were sleeping together. She came out with the story, we broke […]

Ask Dot :: I want to know about food and sex

I want to know about food and sex. My girlfriend and I have a great sex life and we experiment a lot. I […]

Ask Dot :: Help! I’m comparing my performance with her ex!

My girlfriend has only had sex with three men, including me, I have no reason to doubt her about that. Recently it came up […]

Ask Dot :: My girlfriend’s sister is hitting on me

Dear Dot This is incredibly awkward. My girlfriend’s younger sister has been making serious moves on me since we all went on holiday […]