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Ask Dot :: What to do about pearly penile papules

A reader has problem with his penis’ expression of self Hi im 22 years old and i have never kissed a girl or […]

Ask Dot :: How safe are blow jobs?

How safe are blow jobs? *** I take it you’re referring to STIs? Well, in any physical interaction where there’s an exchange of […]

Ask Dot :: Will masturbation break my virginity

Okay I am a Virgin, but I masturbate so hard using a pillow is it possible that I might lose my virginity? I […]

Ask Dot :: Quickies, eye rolls and an education on penetration for men

Without expecting it to (I’m sure), this question raised many pertinent points about sexual relating and, most importantly for me, how we view penetration. Here […]

Ask Dot :: It’s on, it’s off…when do I cut ties?

Being strung along is no fun, but when do you cut ties? So I met this guy last year and I really liked […]

Ask Dot :: My fiancée really wants to try out polyamory. What now?

A couple finds that their personal relationship models conflict. My fiancée really wants to try polyamory. She’s incredibly unhappy, and feels that this […]

Ask Dot :: Is it selfish of me to expect my husband to include me in his plans?

A husband plans to leave his wife and unborn kid for a job in another town. Problem is, he hasn’t given her a say […]