Ask Dot :: A colleague wants to have sex with me while his GF watches

So a guy I used to work with has just asked me to have sex with him while his girlfriend watches. Obviously I’ve never dealt with this before and I’m quite conservative in that department. I am literally in shock … and he’s so serious!!! I would never normally consider, but he’s very cute and […]

Ask Dot :: I am a straight woman and like watching gay (man on man) porn. Am I normal?

I’m a woman and I like gay porn (man on man) … it’s actually the only thing that honestly and truly gets me going. When I was younger it was a bit of a thing for me and I wanted to have a sex change for a long time so that I would feel more “normal”. I […]

Ask Dot :: My husband has been seeing escorts for BDSM purposes and I want him to see a shrink

My husband has finally confessed to seeing escorts after months of lying. He insists he is going to them for BDSM but with no sex. He says he plays the submissive role but in reality he is a very dominant male. I’m not sure I can believe him as I don’t understand it. He is […]

Ask Dot :: How do I have anal sex for the first time?

How do I go about to have anal sex for the first time with my fiance? He fancies it now I want to try it! What steps need to be done before and during anal sex without hurting one another? I’ve heard you have to use lube? Is this true? – New to anal *** […]

Ask Dot :: I am a new non-virgin and scared to be on top!

Hi Dot I am 22 years old and was a virgin until recently. My boyfriend wants me to try being on top and I am extremely nervous about it and a little insecure. I feel like I won’t know what to do and that I will just make the whole experience strange. Any tips? Inexperinced […]

Ask Dot :: She takes very long to orgasm (a lesson in love making)

Hey Dot. The new woman in my life is very sexual and of course I’m loving it. Problem is that she takes very long to come. At least 45 mins to an hour. Any advice on how I can increase how long it takes me. Without the help of some alcohol. Long suffering penis *** […]

Ask Dot :: Since she has become a mom she will not do oral anymore

Like any man I love oral sex. But unlike most men I also love giving it. And more than that I love giving it to my wife whose an awesome lover and realy refs [sic] my engine. Our lovemaking ritual almost always went the same way- her climaxing is some way and then me climaxing […]

Ask Dot :: My husband refuses to kick his friend out the house, I am pregnant and it is driving me crazy

I desperately need help. I have been married for two and a half years and am 17 weeks pregnant. My husband has a friend that came visit in the middle of January and he is still here with absolutely no sign of leaving. I have spoken to my husband about it and he finds nothing […]

Ask Dot :: He does not know when I orgasm

Dear Dot My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years. Talking dirty and talking about sex at all has always been quite a challenge, as he gets incredibly awkward and uncomfortable. I grew up in a very open and “sex positive” environment where my parents were never shy to talk about and answer […]

All about the Ballz (radio)

god i have GOT to update my site. so, to the left of the screen you’ll still see my 5fm podcasts and in the bio below it still says i chat to sasha on 5. which is now quite a few months off date. cos since sasha finished up with 5fm in april (and with […]